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    1 player LFG Sunday-Friday 5e

    My schedule is fairly open, but for now I'll need to gravitate towards the afternoon/evening. When school lets out in a few weeks I will have a completely open schedule. I am 22, and I have a standard fg license. I am experienced and comfortable with both fg and 5e, and I can help with coding effects if needed. I enjoy playing casters the most and my favorite classes are cleric and warlock. I'll be happy playing whatever the party needs however. I try to be a reliable and flexible player, and I try to be easy to get along with. I'm not a rules lawyer, and I don't try to break the game with absurdity either. I'll forgo benefits to my character in order to better fit their concept (like not wearing armor or using weapons as a cleric if I'm focusing on magic instead of tanking or if I just want them to be a priest-like character). Whether it be by difficult odds in battle, puzzles, moral dilemmas, or an enticing plot, I enjoy being challenged as a player. I also try to think outside the box on what my character can do. This does not mean that I'll try to freeze a lake with the ray of frost cantrip, or that I'll try to bypass the speak with animals spell by using the message cantrip, but I do look for out of the box words for the command spell like "stasis" or "regurgitate". Things like that. I also enjoy roleplay, even though I'm not great at it. Anyways, I work on the eastern timezone (GMT-5), and am available on all of those days around the afternoon/evening depending on the day, so please feel free to ask for details about my schedule. I look forward to hearing from someone.

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    we are looking for 1 more player. If your Interested

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    I have a group that started the LMoP. Everyone is pretty new to FG and D&D (save for me and one player.) We had to stop playing about 1/4 of the way through do to real life. We are starting back again in November and am looking for one more player - prefer some type of healing class.

    We are trying for a weekend time slot - possibly Sundays - for about 3-4 hour sessions.

    If you are interested and haven't done LMoP- then let me know and we can talk some more.

    Justice (Sin)

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    We are kicking off a new 5e campaign next Sunday. www.cailore.com/fantasy-grounds-session-0
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