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    Unable to connect to Host's game

    Hello everyone,

    I am trying to connect to our GM's game, but every time I try the connection times out while it says "connecting" then times out and gives the error that "Could not connect to the host. Check your network settings and verify the host address".

    We have been playing for some time and this hasn't been an issue previously, plus the other players are successfully able to connect, which makes me think that it's not the host's configuration. However; I haven't modified any of my firewall settings or anything else that would prevent access since the last time I successfully joined their game and I am able to use the internet normally, including connecting to other online games. So I am confused why this is happening and what I can do.

    I am running off of the Steam client on both Windows 10 and Mac OS X, does anyone have any idea why this would be happening and what I can do?

    P.S: This may or may not be relevant, but I have just moved to a new apartment. This would be the first time we've played FG since I moved, could it have something to do with that and, following that thought, what could I do to remedy this?
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    Hi Ellbells that is unfortunate. There are two likely causes -
    1. your apartments internet provider is blocking some non standard traffic/ports - try and connect to another GM - holler here when youa re free if you dont know anyone else to test against. If the ISP is blocking it Im sure a polite request to allow traffic to TCP/1802 on any host would likely be met with approval.
    2. there may be a routing issue between your network and your GMs. you should share public ip addresses with each other and do a tracert (swap for the other persons IP address) and compare how far your traces get in each direction... this can sometimes be harder to resolve...

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