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    Pathfinder wish list

    so the monster making tool in FG for pathfinder only has a [add spell class] but there's no add weapons, 50% of traps are mundane traps that are based on weapons like an arrow shooting, or a scythe on the ceiling, here is why this is important to have, weapons that have a multiplier of 3 or higher, this don't work with spells or add spell class tab, can this be added to the traps part of monster creation, also give spells the ability to have the crit multiplier and also the ability to add maximize and empowered to the spell list like making a scorching ray max and empowered at the same time

    spell resistance: or SR can not be added to the tracker, some spells like magic circle, spell resistance and even abilities give SR for rounds, minutes or hours, this can be fixed if we where able to add SR: 25 as an example to the tracker so monsters and players can get SR when they don't have it for a time limit

    ooze and construct traits does not add immunity to bleed damage on the combat tracker and also the bleed damage is read as untyped

    many monsters like dragons as an example have 90% of there ability to be unusable unless i spend an hour creating these abilities on the spell tab, please fix the SA and SQ so we can use the dragons breath weapons, constriction and more, this works in 5th edition so why not pathfinder?

    normal damage and ability damage, all read as HP damage , wraith is a good example of this glitch, the wraith deals 1d6 negative damage and 1d6 constitution drain, when rolled it deals 2d6 HP damage, this needs to be separated since ability score damage is not hit point damage

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