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    LFP - D&D 5e Saturday Night, featuring Storm King's Thunder

    This is an official recruitment thread!


    FG License: DM has Ultimate, players only need demo.

    Game System: D&D 5e.

    Time Zone: US Central (currently UTC-5).

    Day of week and time: Saturday 6:30pm, give or take an hour or two.

    If new game, planned start date: "Session Zero" to take place 21 October or 28 October, depending.

    Planned Duration & Frequency: 4 hours per session or possibly longer, weekly; open to "side sessions" if most or all players are available on a given night.

    Term: Long term; when SKT finishes, if folks are still alive and interested, we may continue from there or start a new adventure!

    Text or Voice: Voice

    Voice software used: Probably Discord.

    Roleplay & Combat mix: Ideally 50/50, with a decent amount of problem solving.

    Number of Players in game & needed: Need 5-6 players.

    Character starting level & equipment: TBD, probably starting at level 1 or 2.

    Character restrictions: PHB, DMC, and Unearthed Arcana. I am open to 3rd party sources if they're on FG, and if you're particularly convincing!

    Details of your scenario: Storm King's Thunder. The main body of this campaign starts at level 5, so I'm open to suggestions for 1-5. We could run the included Great Upheaval adventure, or Lost Mine of Phandelver, or something else. This will be discussed during Session Zero.

    About Me: I have extensive GMing experience in the past, and am now returning after a couple years working chaotic hours. This is my first time with FG, however, and my first time with 5e. I'm looking for patient players who can help me learn the ropes of FG and 5e as we go. I have been studying extensively for a while now, but nobody's perfect! :-D

    I'm also looking for players who are very reliable as far as weekly attendance, who are committed to making the game interesting and enjoyable for everyone, who enjoy bonding with other players with a shared experience, and who have an awesome sense of humor -- although I generally run a serious campaign, and can in fact be quite dark at times, nothing says "fun" like players with a good sense of humor.

    There will be a "session zero" in which we will gather for the first time, get to know each other briefly, create characters, form the group, discuss how to handle the first few levels, and perhaps get an early start on the adventure in Faerūn. I plan to run this as early as this Saturday (21 October), or possibly next Saturday (28 October). The campaign proper will begin the week after.

    Please post in this thread or PM me to sign up! I will be sending you a questionnaire in a day or two, largely to make sure you're not a psychopath, before I formally invite you. Looking forward to the adventure!
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    Ready when you are! I've been brainstorming ideas, so let me know when you are ready to get going!

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    Interested Player here, reliable for Saturday games.

    Relatively new to FG but have a good understanding of the basics and the 5E ruleset

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    Interested player, basic understanding of 5e and FG, ready for adventure!

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    Hello Vanevar47

    I am also still interested. I am 42 and I have played pen and paper RPGs for many years, mostly Mechwarrior, but I just picked up D&D in the last few. I have played 5E for about 2.5 years and on FG for about 2 of that, I even tried some DM'ing on the app. I am reliable for attendance and I definitely like the rule of fun.

    Looking forward to it.


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    I'm interested.

    If I am walking with two other men, each of them will serve as my teacher. I will pick out the good points of the one and imitate them, and the bad points of the other and correct them in myself. -- Confucius

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    I'm interested. Let me know if there's a spot open

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    Interested player with Basic understanding of 5e

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    I am interest in the game. I have a good understanding of 5 e and a good understanding on how FG works. I have played couple of game on FG and willing to help out. I am posting on Oct 19 and can play on Oct 21. I have discord. and i also have the physical book for storm king thunder so i can help in preping work

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