FG License: Paid game

Time Zone: East Coast

Days of the week, frequency and time: Evenings or late night. I'd prefer weekends, but I can game any day as long as its on a regular time.

Term: I'm looking to play for a long time.

Voice: I can chat and am willing to download whatever program everyone else is using.

Game System Preferred: I'm looking to play Pathfinder. I don't care if it's homebrew, adventure path, or module. I'm good for any of them.

Game System Experience: I know the rules for tons of RPGs, but since I'm talking about Pathfinder in particular I'd say that I'm well-versed.

Fantasy Grounds Experience: I've used it once or twice to try it out, but I've never played an actual game with it. I'm a quick learner though.

Character Type Preferred: I usually try to fill whatever gaps need filling in party composition. Although if I had to state a preference I'd say either support healer/buffer or sneaky backstabbing thief.

About me: I've been playing since I was like 8 and my father ran games for my friends in the neighborhood (he himself played back in Chainmail days till now). I like moderate role-play and heavy combat. I like planning strategies whether battle or intrigue. I like talking in character occasionally, but not exclusively and am fond of OoC joking so long as it's not carried away. I like to talk about future plans between games with people as well. I'd just like to find a group of people to play some regular games with.
I'm on the East Coast, from Phildelphia. I speak English if it needs to be said.

Anyone interested in adding me to their game either reply here or PM me and I'll give you my regular email. Thanks