FG License: DM has Ultimate
Game System: 5E D&D
Time Zone: EDT
Day of week and time: Friday, October 13 6-10 PM
Term: One-Shot

Text or Voice: Voice
Voice software used: Discord

Roleplay & Combat mix: 25/75
Number of Players in game & needed: Looking for 5-7 players
Character starting level & equipment: 2nd level (may consider starting at 3rd level if fewer than 5 players)
Character restrictions: 5E PHB races and classes only

Details of your scenario: Welcome to the Ilse of Wellensee! If you choose this assignment to find a magical object in the ruins of a jungle temple, chances are...you're going to die. But in any case excitement and adventure awaits...in the Temple of the Snake.

I like DMing and I just had my Friday open so I thought I'd try to see if I could pull together an FG game. I enjoy the FG community and look forward to hearing from you all!