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    Herein lies the tale of a peculiar band of adventurers, who dare to brave the uncharted Stolen Lands south of Rostland, of the Kingdom of Brevoy. Gather round, and hear their story.

    (This thread shall serve as a record of this Pathfinder Kingmaker AP game, played every Saturday at 8:00 p.m. EDT. I invite everybody to follow along, as we explore the trackless wilderness, and seek to establish our names in the history of Golarion.)

    Dramatis Personae:

    GM: Miyu

    Valimir Novkin - curbry - Human Fighter

    Valimir appears every bit a farmer of the Rostland Plains that he is. His dark brown hair is worn long, and loosely tied. He wears a full beard, and around his neck hangs a wooden holy symbol of Erastil. Valimir's eyes are brown, and always watching those around him. In quiet moments, he is often seen holding a pipe, with his feet kicked up. He refuses alcohol, but smiles warmly around his friends. His laughter isn't raucous, but he seems to enjoy all that taverns have to offer beyond the ales and other intoxicants.

    Valimir's father (Khirov Novkin) was a childhood friend of Konstantin Staegos, years ago as the boys grew up on the Plains together. Now, Konstantin was as gray as Valimir's father, yet still respected as a Swordlord in the twilight of his fame. Konstantin has looked out for his friend's oldest son Valimir, despite the sadness this brings his old friend. Old Khirov worked hard to build his farmstead up to pass down to his eldest, but his eldest had no interest in a pastoral life. Valimir wanted to grow to be a Swordlord, not a farmer. He traveled to Restov whenever he could to see the Swordlords and the Free City. His stay was never long enough, and far too soon he was headed back to the quiet life he despised.

    When old Konstantin mentioned to the Novkin family during a recent visit to the farm that an expedition would be headed to the Stolen Lands for Brevoy. Valimir jumped at the opportunity. He had learned everything he could from the family friend all these years past, and it seemed he might now put those skills to use. Konstantin promised to put in a good word for the lad- but greater still, to speak on his behalf to join the Aldori brotherhood should the young boy prove worthy. Despite his own sorry, Khirov wished Valimir well and freed him from his family obligations. Younger brothers would take over the farm, and Valimir would find his destiny in the untamed wilderness to the south. Fiercely embracing his mother, father, younger sister and three younger brothers, Valimir headed to Restov to meet his fellow travelers.

    Taben "Tab" Duskwhirl - novluis - Halfling Rogue


    With a red bandana almost covering his eyes, Taben barely stands over 3 feet. A full head of brown hair with piercing brown eyes to match. Not particularly well built, average you would even say. But for his average physique, he walks with a spring in his step hinting at his incredible speed.

    Born to escaped Chelish slaves, Taben was brought to Southern Brevoy at a young age. Growing up, He saw the scars slavery inflicted on his parents and how they fought for the freedoms of other halflings through the liberation movements.

    This sparked an incredible sense of independence and ambition in Tab to help change the world. A kingdom where halflings are not only respected but help lead the fight in protecting the less fortunate. Spending his free time tinkering with new arrow designs, he planned to reshape the world at the tip of a arrow.

    A Idealist if you will, a idealist who's reality was crushed, when the disappearance of his parents somewhere in the Stolen lands left him a orphan at the age of 13. Life became rough and in order to survive Taben fell in with thieves. Pickpocketing and ambushing caravans became the norm, convincing himself that these were necessary acts in order to survive.

    Years passed, rapier in hand he continued making his living by robbing traders. Until the faithful day that he met Aberin, a child orphaned by one of the brigands accompanying him on a raid. A flashback reminded him of the fear in the child's eyes he came to know very well. Eager to help he saved Aberin and along the way he helped 3 more children in the same situation.

    Eventually his life as a brigand was no longer out of necessity, but to provide for the 4 children he had rescued from the horrors he had faced growing up. Port Ice became their home as Taben began to use his talents in spy networks having earned his nickname "Tab" for his ability to keep tabs on people and such. This hobby eventually got him in trouble with a bandit gang, hearing whispers of a monsterous bandit called the Stag Lord. It was during this time that he learned of groups heading into the Stolen lands in hopes of clearing bandits out and possibly establishing a new nation.

    The hopes of learning what happened to his parents and achieving his dream of playing his part in shaping a nation had him sold. He packed his bags, left the children with his closest halfling innkeeper friend, Grenten Littlefoot and set off.
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    Regina Vermis, Princess of Worms (Rogarvia) - Kroama - Human Verminous Hunter


    Regina has a face that appears to be in a constant flux-- rivets and bumps on her face look like they're in different places the next time you see her. Looking long enough and you may also see a wrinkle of skin even wriggle. In addition, her hair forms near lineless dreads that almost make it resemble that of a Medusa. Despite her appearance there is an almost radiant aura about her, an area of positive energy that seems to cause her to glow to those with a sense to the divine. Those that know her past the discomforting face, find her to be generally likable, and a social person. Those that know her past the sociable personality find her mentally warped in a way hard to describe.

    ..."To be alive is a fascinating thing. The pain we feel, it is wonderful. A divine indication of our very being, a truth we can actually feel. No need to question life's existence, just know that we are because of the sensation. And so, to you i ask: would you like to join me in this excruciating yet blissful evidence of life?"...

    Regina always had an unhealthy fascination with worms, her parents first discovery of this was when she was caught splitting them in half at a young age to watch them squirm. Her eyes were always so questioning when she was being scolded, as though the interest was completely natural to her and she was confounded as to why this was something deserving punishment. Her family would always tell her a princess did not play in the mud… Before she reached maturity, a ridge formed beneath her face.

    When Regina was brought to the cleric, they also brought the best healers in the land to remove the deformity and prevent a scar from forming. It was a resounding success, and what they discovered beneath her skin was a living, crawling worm. Her noble parents, sure her to be cursed, went the extra step of ensuring anti-curse magic was performed. She’d had started keeping worms as pets, and was less sadistic to them, but after this event they were all gone when she woke up from the procedure.

    Soon later, it was found not one, but two new ridges formed. Once more, the procedures were put in place, and now a cleric was kept on hand to remove disease and curses from her whenever the procedure was done, and at the presence of a new worms. For two years, she was plagued by the vermin that seemed to grow beneath her skin, and through so many attempts the scars were no longer entirely prevented. Her parents never gave up during this time, but did begin to hide her existence from the land of Brevoy claiming her to have gone missing. Quests were sent out with false leads to facade it as truth. Still, by the end of this time she noticed considerable exhaustion, to her mother in particular. In the middle of the night, Regina vanished and truly went missing.

    Eventually the ridges that formed seemed to find a balancing point. As she wandered, once in danger under assault by brigands, a giant worm devoured her attacker whole. This worm did not seem aggressive to her, however. It later became a companion she nicknamed Mr. Ow partly wordplay and partly the brigand’s last words. Through her studies during travel, she learned more about the simplest of land vermin, different varieties from the mundane that filter the ground to giants of legend known for swallowing great heroes whole. They were like the very building blocks upon which greater things were built. She soon even found herself a great admiration for Yhidothrus, the ravager, and the way it seemed to recycle time and space itself. At some point, her fascinations became devoted to the very idea of how life was a wondrous thing, from the simple to the complex. In particular, her innate habits resurfaced and she soon found herself once more inflicting pain on both herself and other creatures, though always healing them afterward. Others might call her sadistic… she couldn’t quite deny that. It was bliss.

    When Regina had heard of her family’s disappearance soon after her departure, she returned under guise of a cloak to investigate. Finding no clues to why, nor any indication it was due to herself, she had resumed her journey. While she was a peculiar child, she did feel a true calling of herself as royalty. The idea of leading a people to become more prosperous and to live better lives resonated with her, so at the chance the rumors of Rostland’s desire to foster a nation to the south, she ventured to the stolen lands to make a name for herself… and potentially house Rogarvia once more.

    ..."Why do others not understand my desire to share my respect of life?"..

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    Ronin - Fatal.Death - Tengu Bolt Ace

    Ronin Portrait.jpg

    He is weathered and scarred and wears an armored leather coat. A wide brimed leather hat hiding the stained cloth he wears over his eyes. He wears no shirt just a pair of bandoliers across his chest. They are loaded with cross bow clips. Leather breachers with no shoes and fingerless leather gloves over his claw hands.

    Not long ago a clan of Tengu built a thriving town in the forest, stretching from tree to tree in a network of bridges and tree-houses. Tengu are masters of the blade, and Ronin grew up no differently. Studying all manner of blades from a young age, they became his life. Hunting, training, warrior survival, tracking, and crafting: it was all drilled into him daily. By the age of 15 he was considered a master at his craft. Being tall for a Tengu did not hurt in this endeavor. Due to his families tradition of guarding their clan, he was poised to take his place among them. But love can lead to so many twisted fates. One day while on guard duty Ronin caught a Ratfolk girl trying to steal from a supply caravan in the woods. His eyes fell upon her face, scared and hungry, yet stunning and beautiful. He couldn't bring himself to kill her and let her go. Her face and her plight nagged at him. Everyday he thought about what he had and what she must be going through.

    He began returning to the area; and, using the skills he learned, eventually tracked down her village. At first thing were tough. It took many visits to win over her and her clan. Slowly he taught them everything he had learned. As the days passed, building their trust, friendship, and skills; they began to fend for themselves. Over the course of a year he became a welcome member of their village. He began to neglect his duties in his town more and more, spending all the time he could with them, living a simpler life of hunting, fishing, and long nights beneath the stars. The day his love asked him to be her life companion he had made his decision. When he told his family and friends he was leaving to live in a Ratfolk village it was not welcome news. They lectured him about duty and honor. About how the Tengu had fought for so long to be treated with respect. Arguing his case and new found joy to life he finally won them over. They had noticed the change in him from miserable and focused, to smiling and alive. He told them he was not abandoning them just seeking a different way of life and would visit often. Knowing they could not stop him and only wanting happiness for him they gave their blessing.

    Ronin began his life in the village truly feeling at peace; living his days feasting with his love and new friends. Living on the ground and not in the treetops took some adjusting. Months passed and seasons changed. He visited his home town and his parents when he could and kept them up to date on his new life.

    Then, one night, he was awoken to the sounds yelling. The forest, his beloved home, had been set ablaze. The Ratfolk living simply were able to pack most of their belongings, tents, and make it to a nearby river and cross. His new family safe, Ronin rushed to the aid of his family. He arrived to a terrible sight. A group of giants, long enemies and enslavers of Tengu, had set his hometown on fire. Homes and trees, indeed, the very ground burned all around. A fierce battle between giants and Tengu was waging before his eyes. Wasting no time he entered the fray. Killing giant after giant joining his brothers in arms. They managed to put an end to the giants but at a cost. Their town had been destroyed; and his parents and many of his friends lost in the blaze. As he fell to his knees, screaming in rage, his keen eyes noticed a figure moving threw the burned trees, its dark form and glowing eyes rushing around. It didn't belong here. This fire was unnatural and he knew it was to blame. He leapt to his feet and moved to stop it. It was the last thing he would ever see.
    He woke up the next morning in an alien forest blind. He stumbled around for days, bleeding and injured, before collapsing again in a field of flowers. The memories of his now lost love and his family rushing threw his mind. Then flames, giants, and the dark creature. Fury burned inside him the creature was to blame for everything and he knew it. The rage ignited in his heart burning for vengeance. Then he heard a sound. A voice asking if he would take vengeance on those who disrespect the forest. If he would pledge his life to defending it. He sat up unable his eyes refusing to work. Listening intently to who was talking. The voice offered to give him the tools he needed to exact his vengeance but only if he pledged his life to honoring them. His rage boiling from his heart the sights of his parents and friends burning he agreed.

    Six months later he emerges from this alien forest his duty to his Fey rescuers always on his mind. Now trained in an unorthodox combat style. As he walks along the road beside him is his loyal traveling companion. A river elk he helped the Fey nurse back to health after being scarred and injured in a unnatural fire. Kindred spirits the two of them now bound to punish those who dishonor the forest.

    Arya Drotthingu - firerob - Elf Rogue

    Arya Perm.jpg

    Her parents were once great soldiers, but had to leave that life behind after her father was injured. He began to work as a blacksmith, forging and crafting the same weapons he himself once used to keep his people safe. When their mother got pregnant with the twins, she had some difficulty in the child birth, and died shortly after giving birth to twin baby girls. Growing up with only her father and her twin sister, life was hard, with barely enough to keep food on the table.

    Playing in the forests around the kingdoms, Arya has seen much of the known lands from within the shadows. As the sisters grew older their father asked a friend to mentor his daughters in how to survive in the world.

    Arya knows the hardships of life among the short-lived races; and has known the love of one person in her life. Her one true love, Tessara, died a few years back; and since that time Arya has missed her dearly, jumping into different jobs and different places, trying to escape the sadness that follows her. During their time together, Tessara had a lust for knowledge and numbers, and spent many nights studying and teaching Arya what she knew. Since Tessara was from a middle-class family, Arya started to have a longing that turned into a lust for the finer things in life. This caused her to fall back on the training she received when she was younger and use her knowledge of the land, shadows, and buildings to her advantage so she could sneak up on her prey. This evolved into thievery and soon she and her sister were on the run, both from the life she once had and from the law.

    Then, one of their jobs went wrong, and she had to split or risk getting caught. During the escape she and her sister got separated. Luckily, Arya got away before anyone saw her. Since then Arya has been on the lookout for her sister in the hopes of one day locating her again.
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    Session 1 - Trouble At Oleg's

    Valimir was contacted by his father's friend, Konstantin Staegos, with an opportunity to explore the region of wilderness known as the Stolen Lands. He received a charter, authorizing him and any who would accompany him to explore and chart this region, as well as to strive against the rampant banditry in the area.

    He put out a call for adventurers, and was not disappointed. Four others joined him, each for their own reasons. Ronin proved his worth in Restov, showing that though he was blind, he was completely capable. Regina revealed her face and pet worm, Mr. Ow, to the group. They were shocked, but ultimately accepted her, boosting her confidence and comfort with the group.

    They arrived at Oleg's Trading Post, on the 31st of Pharast. They met the Levetons, Oleg and Svetlana. The Levetons were relieved to see them. Svetlana was particularly overjoyed to have help against bandits who had been shaking them down for "taxes." After some confusion, as the party had not been informed of the bandits, the party whipped up a plan to ambush them.

    The following day, the bandits arrived, as they had for the last 3 months. The party launched a surprise attack, and handily defeated them. Two of the bandits were slain, and two severely wounded, including the apparent leader. Blind Ronin made a nearly impossible shot, taking down a bandit running away at over 70 ft. Tab and Arya both skewered bandits, including a particularly brutal skewering of the leader.

    Oleg and Svetlana were overjoyed, and gave the party free room and board, as well as a reward of gold and 3 potions.
    Once Tab saw the bandit leader's amulet, silver in the shape of a stag's head, it triggered a memory from his time as a bandit in the Stolen Lands. He had heard of a bandit, known as the Stag Lord, who more or less rules the Greenbelt; and the stag's head amulet is a symbol worn by officers in his outfit.

    The wounded bandits were stabilized, and are being tended to, so that they may be questioned and tried. Meanwhile, the party is helping Oleg plan for his future defense, as it is likely that this is not the last he will see of the bandits.

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    Session 2 - You People Are Crazy!

    Having beat back the bandits, Tab got drunk and passed out, while Valimir passed out (both players got called into work last minute, and missed the session). Arya spent a good deal of time working on salvaging a working catapult out of the four broken ones on the towers around Oleg's. Oleg stuck the dead bandit's heads on pikes, as a warning to any bandits who may return.

    The next day, work began in earnest around Oleg's, preparing it to withstand any retaliation from the Stag Lord's bandits. Arya oversaw work from Valimir and Tab as they took apart the catapults, and prepared to construct one working catapult from the pieces. Ronin made a trip to the edge of the Gnarlwood, returning with materials to build a wall and roof on one of the towers, turning it into a fortified archer's stand. Regina tended to the wounded bandits, and realized that the leader had contracted some sort of disease, and was burning up from a fever. Yet, she was unable to determine what disease he may have had. However, the underling brigand awoke. Regina questioned him, with Mr. Ow standing guard. Her peculiar ritual of cutting herself open and placing worms in the wound as a celebration of life disturbed the bandit quite a bit. He quickly gave up the location of the bandit camp, as well as the name of the leader lying beside him (Happs Bydon), and Happs' boss (Kressle). He turned down Regina's offer to partake of her ritual, so she fed him the worm from her arm.

    The following morning, the party left Valimir and Tab to continue the construction projects, as they searched east of the trading post for the potion maker, Bokken. after exploring the area for a day, they found him, in his hermit's hut. Bokken proved to be an odd man, who showed much interest in Mr. Ow. Ronin startled him from the shadows of his hut, and ducked a cauldron being swung at his head. After hearing the description of Happs' symptoms, he brought out a potion which he said should set him right. The party haggled over the price a bit, and Bokken agreed to give it to them at a discount, on the promise that they bring him a bushel of fangberries for his fangberry potions.

    The party camped out for the night, and spent the day exploring the area around Oleg's the next day, before returning to the trading post in the evening. While out and about, they ran into a group of river elk, who were rather aggressive about their territory. After a tense standoff, in which Regina and Ronin tried to tempt the elk to return with them, the elk ended up bolting off.

    Once they returned to Oleg's Regina administered the potion to Happs. The other bandit, who identified himself as Ricarde, was given the option to be sent north to stand trial and possibly be imprisoned for a time. Upon his statemtn that he would rather die a free man than live in a cage, Ronin offered to fire him from the catapult. Between the creepy worm lady and the insane crow man, the Ricarde was convinced that the party was, in fact, insane.

    The party then met Kresten, a mercenary leader sent with a band of guards to help protect Oleg's from their bandits. Kresten offered rewards for killing bandits and capturing a particular man, Falgrim Sneeg. He also acquiesced to the party's request to send bandits north if they chose.

    After several more exchanges with Ricarde, Arya ultimately executed him by slitting his throat. Mr. Ow made a meal of him, while Ronin lamented the fact that he did not get the opportunity to throw his body from a catapult.

    The catapult was finished, with a single gear being handed to Kresten as a sort of key. Ronin spoke to Oleg about catapulting bandits, and he seemed to relish the idea. Oleg also offered 1,000 gp in credit at his shop for finding Svetlana's wedding ring.

    And so, the party waits to see if Happs will survive, and to plan their next moves.

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