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    Simultaneous Reveal

    I was wondering if there was a way that a player and GM can state and action in combat and not have the option be known to the other until the other has selected his or her option.And then the options both selected are revealed. A few games I've got make you chose a combat option and then you reveal it, via by showing the paper you wrote it on or a by turning over the combat card you selected, when the person running your opponent reveals his or her action that they wrote at the same time. In some systems that use it in combat if you don't do the simultaneous reveal combat gets real messed up and unbalanced as they are dependent on the simultaneous reveal of actions.

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    The DM could use a story entry and the player could use notes. I think if the player shares the note the DM would also see it but I’m not certain of that. Otherwise I can’t think of anything except typing into chat and pushing enter at the same time.
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