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    LFG 1 Player 5E LF Weekly or biweekly Game Mon Tue or Thurs CET

    FG License: std. subscription
    Time Zone: CET (GMT+1)
    Day(s) of week, frequency, and time: I'm able to play weekly or biweekly Mondays, Tuesdays or Thursdays from around 7 til midnight
    Term: Long if its a nice and lovely group
    Voice: I have TS, discord and skype. If anything else is needed I can download it

    Game System Preferred: D&D 5E.
    Game System Experience: D&D 5E roughly 2 years with both pen and paper, and through Fantasy Grounds around a year
    Fantasy Grounds Experience: I'm fairly familiar with FG.

    Character Type Preferred:I would really like to play a sorcerer but I'm down for anything. However i do have some background etc. prepared for a sorcerer

    About me: I like to do an even amount of roleplay and combat but I'm down for whole days of roleplay and v.v if it suits the situation in the campaign.

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    our game might be a nice fit for you!

    We have a group of four players currently, looking to add a fifth or possibly even a sixth player to the group.

    we play weekly, half of us are in the US and half are across the pond, so to speak (south Africa and Belgium I believe)

    We play daytime in the US 12-3pm Central Standard time (I believe this is -5 GMT) which ends up being evening your time.

    this is the link to the game calendar page: https://www.fantasygrounds.com/calendar/?id=2656

    and this is our discord channel (3rd party app we use to text/communicate between sessions but not in-game): https://discord.gg/kR5WAmJ

    all communication is done in the in game FG text box which works well, so no voice or mic needed

    GunnarGreybeard is our GM and he can help you with setting up a character if you are interested.

    Currently we are an:
    Elven Ranger
    Human Fighter (knight)
    Half Elven Cleric/Warlock
    Half-Elven Sorceror

    we would love to have you as any character you would like as long as it fits into the Campaign limits (not many but see game calendar page for the details) Setting is a homebrewed 5e campaign set in the DragonLance universe after the War of Chaos in the latter part of the Age of Mortals.

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    I am very delighted by your response and I would very much like to participate, but I do have some questions:
    1. You don't play at a specific day but just the one that suits for all?
    2. Do you follow all rules strictly like e.g encumbrance, which is very hard to follow for most classes.
    3. How have you rolled your characters's ability scores?
    and lastly I would most like to join as a halfling (lightfoot) sorcerer which i have quiet some background prepared, but if you feel it suits bad, then i can live with making a paladin and can make some background story on the fly

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    Frankly a paladin prolly suits your setup better but i have no lore/background prepared

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