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    Complaint filed with the Better Business Bureau

    For crappy update policy and even worse support including the fact you let non-eomployee's speak and deal with customers for you!

    Thank you for submitting your complaint to us.

    The BBB that will process your complaint is:

    BBB of Central Florida, Inc.
    1600 S. Grant St.
    Longwood, FL 32750
    Phone: (407)621-3300
    Fax: (407)786-2625
    Email Address: [email protected]
    Website: www.orlando.bbb.org

    You will hear from this BBB soon regarding your complaint.

    And little oopmphaloompha go ahead and close this thread because you don't like it - lets see what the BBB inquiry brings

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    For the record:

    Here are links to the other threads which are at the heart of the OP's complaint.

    I am now going to close this thread because it serves no purpose except to allow the OP to "vent" - it would have been more productive for the information contained within to be sent directly to SmiteWorks on [email protected], as was suggested in previous threads.

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    There are multiple avenues to contact us. There are 2 owners of the company, 2 full-time employees and 1 part-time contractor. Beyond that there are over 60 community developers, several of which also happen to be moderators. You've been allowed to vent your frustration publicly on multiple threads (referenced above) and we have directed you to our official support channel at [email protected]. This email address is listed on the launch screen of the software as well.

    • All of our moderators are hand-picked by us and we are very happy with how they handle things on the forums.
    • You appear to be angry about the update and also by the answers given by us and by members of the community who don't agree with you
    • Forums are by their very nature a community. If you want direct communication with us as a company or you don't want to hear from others in the community, then don't use a community forum.
    • You are upset over functionality in add-ons written by community members. These add-ons were updated to maintain compatibility with our most recent upgrade. You needed to either disable these or get updated versions of them from the forums where you originally got them. If this is something you don't want to have to do, then I encourage you not to use community created resources.

    At this point, I would suggest you take your business elsewhere. You don't appear to agree with how we choose to run our organization.

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