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    No, the calendar code is fairly simple (as most game system calendars are fairly simple), and was really only modified for the specifics of Gregorian calendar (which is the most common used other than the game system calendars). Anything else would require an extension to rewrite the calendaring system to what you want.


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    Quote Originally Posted by RaviDesai View Post
    Is it possible to construct a calendar with leap months (such as with the Islamic or Hebrew calendars)? My world has a lunar calendar which has a leap month inserted every other year. Can that be represented in Fantasy Grounds?
    I dont believe its currently possible. The calendar code in CoreRPG defines all months as periods in the xml, and gives access to 2 different functions.

    lunardaycalc - This function calculates what day of the week any given date falls on. It is passed a date (year, day, month), and has to return a value between 1 and the number of days in a week.

    periodvarcalc - This function is used to implement leap years by calculating how many extra/fewer days are in any given period/month. The function is passed year and month values, and calculates how many extra/fewer days are in that month. For example, February normally has 28 days on any given year. This function would take the values for year and month and calculate that on a leap year, there should be 1 extra day, so it returns the value of 1. Any other month or non-leap year Feb, it would return 0 since there is no change to the period.

    There is no function that allows you to insert or remove a period/month from the calendar. This functionality could be developed as an extension, but its not currently possible with the existing code.

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    I'm not sure if anyone is checking this thread anymore, but I just wanted to express my thanks to the OP. The instructions were crystal clear, and I was able to create a functional homebrew campaign calendar in Fantasy Grounds by following them.

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