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    What's Old is New

    Hi Folks,

    Now that the N.E.W. WOiN ruleset has been out a few weeks (and had a few updates) I'll be using this Post to keep you upto to speed on things, rather than trying to find Post #67 on Page 12 etc.

    You can find all about WOiN here.

    I won't go into many details about the system, but I'll say it's been a real challenge as it's very open and there are various things that can affect dice rolls. Fully automating WOiN within FG will prove a real challenge, and not something that can be done overnight. What you have in your hands (or under your fingers etc) is a Ruleset that's taken a good year of development. It's not finished (see the list below) and I plan to bring more and more to it over time.

    The current version of the ruleset is v1.0.5 (Early Access) - 31st December 2017
    ** Sending v1.0.6 over to FG later today (6th March 2018).

    So what's in the current version?

    The N.E.W. Setting (also known as Future) has had the Full rulebook (v1.1) converted and updated to v1.2 Errata alongside the Critical System update. This Full rulebook contains the original 5 N.E.W. books, which are:

    • Core Rules - contains a reference manual.
    • Careers - contains a reference manual, plus Career, Exploits, Psionic Exploits, Species, Traits and Skills Data.
    • Equipment - contains a reference manual, plus Equipment Data (Weapons, Armour, General Gear, Vehicles, Drugs and Cybernetics)
    • Space - contains a reference manual
    • How to build a Universe - contains a reference manual.

    Within FG you'll have the N.E.W. Rulebook plus you'll also need to use the WOiN NEW Setting Extension. This extension sets up the Theme, plus adds custom text etc to the entire ruleset, making it feel more like the future. I created this Theme and I'm not the best using Photoshop but I think I've done a good job (please let me know if I've missed any icons etc).

    Character Sheets
    Allow you to drag Species, Equipment, Exploits, Psionic Exploits, Homeworlds and Careers onto the character.
    Dragging a Race onto the Character Sheet will modify the Attribute Values and add in any Exploits based on that race.
    Dragging a Career onto the Character Sheet will modify the Attribute Values.
    You can drag any Equipment onto the character and encumbrance is calculated.
    An action tab includes attacks for Weapons and Psionic Attacks, plus Attribute actions.
    Weapon/Psionic attacks, you can create custom attacks (v1.0.6+)
    Normal histories, notes are also included.
    Luck Dice pool is shown on the main page with a Reset
    Death Dice pool is shown on the main page with a Reset

    Combat Tracker
    As expected Attack rolls and Damage Rolls are all supported.
    Attacks target one of 3 defense stats, Melee, Ranged and Psionic.
    Targets are supported, drag the Cross hairs onto the target, or drag the attack/damage dice.
    Effects (to a limited degree) are supported**
    Current Health goes DOWN and can go into Negatives bringing the Death Dice Pool into action (not automated - as the rules state the player should roll these). Death Dice auto decrease if a character takes more damage.
    Modifiers take affect to the attack dice being rolled.
    The Desktop modifier adds or removes D6's and not +1, +2 etc.
    Luck rolls are supported - Luck dice are a limited resource.
    Luck dice explode on 6's
    3 x 6's rolled on an attack indicate a critical hit.
    Critical Hits all dice explode.
    Make the Death Dice Pool rollable and auto-remove any 6's rolled. (created by OTG_Wraith) (v1.0.6+)

    NPC's have full character sheets - allowing you to see Exploits, set Attacks, see Defenses and all Attributes. Plus direct rolling of Attributes and Skills (advise using the Desktop Modifier to modify these)

    Target Numbers are sync'd between GM and player desktops.
    Party Sheet includes each characters full attributes, plus defenses and SOAK values.
    The GM's screen includes a series of quick buttons to set the Target (Difficulty Number) quickly.
    Desktop Modifiers - can be used to decrease attack rolls to increase damage rolls (
    Attribute rolls - can be modified with Skill, Equipment and Luck dice.
    Skill rolls - have to be associated to an Attribute, but can then be modified with Equipment and Luck.
    Grade Caps are in place, so the total Dice Pool can be limited (but Luck dice ignore those limits).
    Luck Dice, Exploding Dice and 6's are all indicated in different colours in the Chat Window.
    WOiN Theme uses WOiN NEW setting fonts.

    As WOiN has a LOT of effects, and with the new Critical system (v1.1) in place the WOiN ruleset supports these as far as added them to a character, and reminding that character they're in place. Each effect has 2 levels, the 2nd level is applied if the critical is received a second time (unlikely but..)
    At this time only a few of the effects have been automated. Disarmored 1 & 2, Burning 1 & 2 and Bleeding 1 & 2.
    Effects can be removed by the GM on the CT, or they can remove them from the CT character section under Effects. Note deleting a level 2 effect will not automatically add the level 1 effect (at this time).

    Phew. There's more information but that's enough for now.

    I've added Screenshots to a DropBox folder that you can find here.

    You may also find more information on Twitter here, plus within the WOiN Facebook group here.

    What's next?

    This is my current thinking Todo List. My priority is to fix issues that stop the game from being played. Once the ruleset has 'settled' down the Early Access will be removed and more updates will focus on adding new features.

    • Auto add Exploits/Traits/Skills based on Species/Career (v1.0.2. Exploits are added when a Species is dragged to a character sheet)
    • Allow the calculated fields (Jump/Carry etc) to be editable via a mini-pop-up screen (like Speed) so that any Exploits/Traits can override the calculated totals
    • Update the Reference Manual to include links for all Exploits/Skills/Traits etc when useful (in progress)
    • Add the D66 tables (created by Azaran)
    • Add more automated effects (in the CT)
    • Add Vehicles (including Starships).
    • Add the VITAL DEFENSE and link Poison etc to it. (v1.0.2. has the VITAL DEFENSE added, but no attacks target it yet)
    • Add PSI Point reduction when using PSI attacks in the CT.
    • Add a checkbox for the Hook Exploit so it's dice may explode.
    • Introduce a Starship Combat Tracker
    • Add a World Database.
    • Add the O.L.D. Setting (3 books conversions are done, needs a Theme creating) - would need to check up on Bestiary, see if it's been finished.
    • Initiative system (from v1.2) for Creatures with 3 or 4 actions. Needs a good cuppa to think how to implement this.
    • Allow SOAK to be 'calculated' based on Natural Armor, Physical Armor, Shield, Helmet, Exploits and Misc bonus.
    • Add flags to Weapons to indicate which of the SOAK 'types' it ignores - ie Desiccating touch. The hybrid's natural attack enables it to desiccate a victim by touch. Armor SOAK protects against this, but natural SOAK
      does not.

    Please do not send me PM's about WOiN.

    PLEASE NOTE. Do not expect everything to be automated at this time. It might not be possible to fully automate anything as WOiN is so flexible, but I'll do my best.

    Post below any thoughts, questions etc and I'll (and others) will do their best to answer them, plus if it's a feature I'll add it to my todo list.

    Colin 'MadBeardMan' Richardson
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    Ruleset and much more content built for FGU.
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    Great work Colin!

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    I've been watching the system, what do you think of it over all?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Nylanfs View Post
    I've been watching the system, what do you think of it over all?
    Well to answer for me it's got a lot of 'bespoke' elements to it. Hard to track it via software, but as a GM you've got a lot of things you can add to the game without over-doing parts of it, plus if you wanted, you can add exploits on the fly, follow the guides to new races etc. Well worth a good look.

    Ruleset and much more content built for FGU.
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    Righto, finished all my 'list' so next set of testing is on Sunday night. I'm away at Derby Worlds (wargaming fair) but should be back to have the testing commence. Now the labourious task of triple checking errata.

    Ruleset and much more content built for FGU.
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    Have submitted the modules to FG, plus a basic ruleset, new update to the ruleset (with 5 issues) should be done tomorrow or Tuesday.

    Ruleset and much more content built for FGU.
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    Morning (almost 1am so that counts).

    We made a few decisions internally to 'streamline' the ruleset and modules, as the ruleset is the basis for each setting, and now EN Publishing are compiling all the core books into a single book, so the 5 'Future' books are now all included in the '1' N.E.W. book. So I'm parsing the Full Rulebook as it's known, about 70% of the way through. Plus updated the Theme to make things feel easier, the blue italic font is now black, so it's easier to read on the blue backgrounds, changed the reference manual frames.

    There's an update to the ruleset since it's in beta, and I found 2 more rules I need to take into account, it's coming along. Soon, very soon.
    Ruleset and much more content built for FGU.
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    Looking forward to it!

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    Quote Originally Posted by timdog88 View Post
    Looking forward to it!
    Super, just completed parsing and checking of Chapter 4 of 5 in the N.E.W. Rulebook, so on target to complete this weekend to update the Beta players.
    Ruleset and much more content built for FGU.
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    Updated the N.E.W. Setting Theme (extension)
    Updated the N.E.W. module
    Updated the WOiN Ruleset
    and send the first adventure for N.E.W.

    Working on the free adventure, didn't find the time tonight but will work on Wednesday night.
    Ruleset and much more content built for FGU.
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