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    error loading campaign after update

    I am getting an error when I try to load an existing campaign: "Ruleset: Error: Unable to load ruleset file (base.xml)"

    This is a 5E campaign. Seems like there should be an easy fix for this (I hope )

    Looks like the 5E ruleset is not available. It doesn't show up in the create campaign screen either.

    I deleted the 5E.pak file from the ruleset directory and updated again. This solved my problem.
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    OK so i just found this link in another thread:


    This looks to be exactly my problem, probably should have looked a little harder lol

    Update: This did not work, I still get the same error. I followed the instructions to delete the launcher.pak file then run fgupdater.
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    Try creating a new 5E campaign, and copying the campaign.xml file from the new campaign into the problem campaign, and restarting FG.


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    I tried to create a new campaign, but the 5E ruleset was not available. Eventually deleted the 5E.pak file and updated. This solved the problem. Thanks.

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