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    Dice are smaller in v3.3.3

    Hi, just updated Fantasy Grounds tonight and while I see some of the previous noted bugs have been fixed, I noticed the dice now appear very small? Both while "at rest" and when visually rolling. I checked to see if my /scaleui settings had been changed, but no, this was still at the default 100. I tried too with different scale numbers and the dice seemed proportionally smaller at each level.

    This is certainly not a major issue, since the numbers and results still get exported to the chat, but it's a bit odd and the dice are a bit harder to see/read now.

    fantasy grounds small dice.jpg

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    Ditto, dice definitely shrank.

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    They're really horrendously small to read. Please put it back

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    Okay...so who didn't read the washing instructions and washed the dice in hot water. :P
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    Just pushed hot fix to return the dice to their original size.


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    It's not the size of your dice that matters... it's how you roll them.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Full Bleed View Post
    It's not the size of your dice that matters... it's how you roll them.
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