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    I DM a RL table game and use this program to make it easier. I would like to see something that let me put player maps and info on one screen and my info on a deferent screen. I understand we can stretch the screen. But it looks funky and don't line up. And when bringing up my maps and player maps they never come up on the screen you want. The Right bar can't be moved and if you have a background it will be split between the 2 games. For us that use this program in RL games a 2nd player window would be awesome that we can control as a DM. I even thought if I used a demo but that would make me get the ultimate or pay for 2 programs and I would have to set up a 2nd PC. It's just to much trouble and cost just to broadcast player content. This would open this program to the RL table more successfully.

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    Lots of people play in real-life. Open another instance of FG on the GM computer and join game with a host address of localhost

    Then the GM can control this player instance and the players can have their own instance if needed.

    I do this all the time - some screenshots in this thread (and a handy extension): https://www.fantasygrounds.com/forum...-To-Face-games
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    I get to download the ext file in the folder and the command. But do I have to use 2 PC's? Or 2 FG programs to get it to work? Or can I just add a TV and see what I need on my PC and transfer the maps they use on the other screen?

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    You only need 1 PC. Just start two instances of FG on the same machine. (i.e. start FG normally, then right click on the task bar icon and select Fantasy Grounds again)

    For the first instance, load your campaign as normal. This will be your GM instance.
    For the second instance, select Join a Game, and enter "localhost" as the server to connect to. The second instance will be your player instance, and will only show things that the players can see.


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    I found it funny that there's talk of playing 'in real life'.

    Of coarse we're playing in real life, then again I differentiate it as 'in person'.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ken L View Post
    ...Of coarse we're playing in real life, then again I differentiate it as 'in person'.
    Is 'in person' like 'Out of Character'?

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