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    LFP (4+) - Aftermath! Campaign, Saturday nights PST, Ultimate Licensed

    Alright. Still got another LFP I haven't bumped in a while that I haven't given up on, but anxious to get a game of some sort started, I've picked a rule system I know well and a campaign I've run several times before and I'm picking a time window to shoot for and trying to get a game that will be less time consuming for me out of sessions rolling. Never picked the time window myself and getting players to agree on a time always seems to be the biggest hangup, so I'll try to change that up now and make this a weekly thing as long as it will last.

    Meeting Times: Saturday Nights, PST, starting by 6 for 4+ hours. That's till at least 10, but go as long as everyone still wants to keep going.

    License: Ultimate License (play with any version, no purchase necessary)

    Looking For: 4 or more players, no experience with FG or the rule system required.

    Rule System: Will be using RPGCore and MoreCore to run Fantasy Ground Unlimited's Aftermath!

    Voice: Can use Discord or Google Hangouts.

    Campaign: Will be running Operation Morpheus.

    Characters: Modern day, normal human in perfect health with no prosthetics or medical implants.

    RP Style: Tactical RPer. Combat is usually optional or avoidable and the combat rules are VERY realistic. It only take 1 good shot to take anyone down and injuries can impair for a long time if not result in permanent maiming, especially without modern hospitals to depend on. Also, the being normal people concepts, most characters are not likely to start off as combat machines. Think beginning of any good zombie series, not to say there will be zombies. Just remember that combat skills are not the most important in a real survival situation.

    The Characters have been accepted into a cryogenic experiment as paid volunteers and are to be frozen for a period ranging from 6 months to 5 years in an extended series of research programs going on in various universities around the world to prepare for the exploration of space beyond just returning to the moon, near asteroid mining and first trips to mars already planned for the next 10 years and could be a part of the technology that will lead to exploring the stars. The research program is called Operation Morpheus and is taking place at Sydney University.

    After arriving for their intake, they would have spent 2 days in a hospital like environment being detoxed and prepped for the proceedure, as well as covering all necessary contracts, paperwork and final medical exams, and then sedated before being moved to the actual cryo-facility and were expecting to wake up in a similar environment when the term is completed. That is not how the characters wake up. They wake up in the cryotube covered by a thick layer of dust with dim alternating red and white lighting, the bleeep-bleeep-bleeep of an alarm sounding somewhere and a monotone female voice droning on about having re-established power in various locations that are listed as a color-number combination, followed by a request for medical personel to attend to cryo-failures during the restart of reactor core 4 and then gives a warning of excessive heat in Reactors 2 and 3 before leaving only the droning sound of the alarms to listen to for a few moments before realizing that not only is this NOT how they were supposed to wake up, but they are buck naked in a cryopod covered with dust.

    If Interested: reply here or pm me. I'll give the appropriate info needed and if you include a link to your Steam Profile, I'll give invites there. About 2 hours will be required for a prelude to set up the character for each player before the start of the campaign. Don't worry about rules, but come with a concept and I'll worry about using the rules to fit the concept. It's a really versatile, classless, level-less system.
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    I can't commit the time to this one, but I love the Aftermath system. I encourage people to get in on this!

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    That's 1 here and 1 of the folks I changed it to Saturday for are interested, meaning I'm halfway to my minimum comfort level for a group size... I've run this campaign for a friend soloing it before but it's a lot more exciting with more players and party dynamics going on.

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    In keeping this currently bumped to the top and filling a current impulse I've got to further stir possible interest, I thought I'd list a few of the past characters players have come up with in this campaign and a super-brief on how they worked out.

    1.) Olympic hopeful fencer that is gambling on the project to fast forward him 3 years so that he can try out for the next Olympics while he is in the his current condition and physical prime, in fear that waiting it out may start his downhill progression. The character lasted about 2 days. They were ****y and tried to start a fight with the first sentient NPC they came across and lost his head, literally in the first combat round.

    2.) Retired US Navy Seal unable to find gainful employment. Was very diplomatic, one of the more sane voices of reason in his party, often de-escalated combat situations and helped the party he was with set themselves up with a nice, relatively safe 'home' within the remains of the university.

    3.) Newly wed teenage future housewife that went into Operation Morpheus with her husband right after their honeymoon for the full 5 years to set themselves up with a nice nest-egg to kick off their lives together. He died in the capsule and she was a major emotional element of the plot. Ended up being a pretty good Ripley-type and survived as long as the campaign lasted, eventually hitching up with one of the other characters in the party.

    4.) Russian spy using operation morpheus to disappear and lay low for a while. Emotional wreck. Could not take the pressure in the post apocalyptic world. Did not get along with anyone else. Completely directionless and very impulsive. Ended up starting a fight with automated security in the University after about 2 weeks of feeling stuck there, trying to break his way into a high security area and he died with about 20 bullet holes in him.

    5.) A college student majoring in music that has run out of funds for school and is using Operation Morpheus like a scholarship to continue her education. Was fluff in the party and was directly involved in creating a lot of the problems the group had to deal with. Eventually got herself permanently separated from the party and stuck outside the university with a disposable paper jumpsuit and a backpack with 1 week worth of food and water, by herself. She was dead within that week.

    6.) An old but surprising healthy retired heart surgeon with little savings and in it completely for the money. Ended up getting control of major sections of the University, setting himself up as the leader of the group and after about 6 months of game time, started waking up other survivors still stuck in cryo-suspension.

    If you are pondering playing, or trying to consider character ideas, hopefully this has helped make that easy in showing just how broad the possibilities are and relax any concerns over whether an idea is good enough or not. And yes, as implied by a few of these backgrounds, the money is probably the most likely motivator for any of the characters, as it is to pay about $1,000 a month, tax free and it will all be waiting in a bank account when a volunteer's term is over.

    I will add the one GM suggestion that at least one character have at least some medical skills. Any injuries will be a major problem if no one has any knowledge on how to deal with them.

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    Still need 2 more on this one. Notice most people are all into Pathfinder or 5e these days, but as one of the replies noted, Aftermath! is a killer game system and considered the best that Fantasy Games Unlimited ever came out with. With it's Magic supplement it was actually considered generic enough to use for almost any genre and not just post apocalyptic games, though with that at it's core, it's always a highly detailed survival-centric system.

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    looks very cool, I like the real life aspect of it but I have a game in this time slot QQ. good luck!
    on the off chance you change the start time an hour or two later give me a message and i'll play

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    Found a third interested, on Reddit. Still want 1 more, but I'll poke the 3 in two weeks and if all three still want to play, I'll just run it with 3. As I believe I mentioned, I've run this campaign with a single player before. When I did they survived and found ways to amuse themselves for months of game time before any other players joined the campaign.

    May bump this one more time before contacting the currently interested players and either starting with 3+ or reposting for a different timeslot if enough have lost interest to leave me with less than 3. Still convinced my issues have more to do with finding the right time slot for the most possible players and not just that everyone here wants to play 5e and Pathfinder with no interest in anything else.

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    I would agree with you Saturday night is a prime time and most people have a game in that time slot already I tried to start a pathfinder mummy's mask run a few weeks ago and found 1 person so its definitely not because of the system you are playing.

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    If would certainly be interested in playing in a game of Aftermath.

    The Saturday night time slot is a bit difficult for me, so I may not always be able to make every session, but if that's okay, I would be happy to join.

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