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Thread: New Player LFG

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    New Player LFG

    A New Player LFG
    Time zone: UTC -5

    Number of Players: 4+

    Time of Day Available: Evenings, Would Prefer 8:30 P.M - Till as late as needed (Could work around other times also as my schedule is very flexible)

    Fantasy Grounds License: Basic/Paid License

    Term of game play: Preferably a long/multiple play sessions.

    Voice/Visual: I can do Text and Voice and Video

    Game System Preferred: DnD 5e, Savage Worlds ( I own these 2 <--), I would be willing to buy Pathfinder as well.

    Game System Experience: I have taken lessons in the Fantasy Grounds College and Played a little DnD in Rl. A old Hard core warhammer 40k (table top gamer)!

    Fantasy Grounds Experience: Light

    Character Type Preferred: I'm very flexible, whichever suits the team.

    About Yourself:

    I am 28 Years old, Married 2 Kids, I am a children's Pastor, I love gaming from MMO's to Table top, Use to compete in MTG.

    Discord: Seth (UTC -5)#9315

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    I'm going to be running a higher level campaign. Levels 9 to 15 and then the group will be continuing to an all new campaign. Higher level starting might be a bit different than your experience so far but I don't mind a new player.if you're interested or have any questions you can send me an email at [email protected] or I'll check back here tomorrow late morning.

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    Sending you an Email

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