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    New Campaign - Call of Cthulhu - Laundry Files

    FG License: Ultimte
    Game System: Call of Cthulhu 7e

    Time Zone: GMT/BST
    Day of week and time: MONDAY 18:30BST
    If new game, planned start date: 22/04/2019
    Planned Duration & Frequency: 4 hrs weekly
    Term: lets see how it goes

    Text or Voice: Voice only
    Voice software used: Discord

    Will this be recorded and/or live streamed?
    Audio will be recorded for youtube

    Roleplay & Combat mix: Hard to tell. There WILL be combat and for CoC it should be a fairly fast paced game.
    Number of Players in game & needed:3-6
    Character starting level & equipment: TBD
    Character restrictions: TBD

    Details of your scenario:

    i'll be running scenarios from the published books by cubicle 7 that ive converted for fantasy grounds.

    This is my first time running CoC 7e but I love the Laundry Files Books by Charles Stross. I am looking for 1 or 2 players to join a small group and it should be fun.


    Link to Gamecalendar page:

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    Still looking for players? I'm in a very different time zone from you but maybe we should connect.

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    I have never played Call of Cthulhu but I am very excited to learn and play.

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    Hello there, I've applied to the calander. Can start whenever, I am in +1 GMT. Love CoC. Cheers!

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