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    Combat Shortcuts actions extension

    MODERATOR: Reported as no longer working as of Feb. 2021 ruleset updates.

    Hello all !

    Here comes a small but useful extension that allows to get the most used combat functions directly on the Action tab of the PC sheet.


    Download it here:

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    You are awesome!

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    Well, that's kinda handy! Thanks.

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    Thank you for your kind returns, dear fellows. I'm not alone for that job, and specially want to include my mate PolluxTroy who did the dev job
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    Is this file still available somewhere? Just starting to put a campaign together & very am new to Fantasy Grounds (coming from d20Pro years ago).

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    Hey Andrek
    You can get the file here :
    Combat shortcuts
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    Quote Originally Posted by Markjan View Post
    Hey Andrek
    You can get the file here :
    Combat shortcuts
    Thank you!!!

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    Just as a notification already for FGU: Your extension drops the following error message when loading FGU:

    [26.01.2020 19:56:13][26.01.2020 19:56:13] [<color="red">ERROR</color>] Extension Info Load (PFRPG - Raccourcis Actions): '0' is an unexpected token. The expected token is '?>'. Line 1, position 20.
    The xml interpreter of FGU is a little bit stricter and therefore FGU does not ignore such small things

    Thanks for your extension



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    Hi, awesome extension, could you maybe also make it compatible with 5e?
    Or does anyone have advice how I can make it compatible with 5e?


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