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    Starfinder Group Looking for GM

    We are a group of Pathfinder players who are looking to try Starfinder. We need a GM as we all want to play together. We have at least 5 players and possibly two more. We want to play once a month on a Friday from 8 or 9 EST to Midnight. We are hoping for someone who is clever, experienced, has a good imagination, and will put in the time to make a once a month game fun. We are a group of older experienced players looking for the same. No kids please, we consider corrupting minors an alignment choice.

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    Any chance one of you 5 to 7 people can take on the mantle of DM and then rotate the duties every so often? That's one solution.

    Edit: a 2nd possible option https://www.fantasygrounds.com/forum...finder-game-GM .
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    Thanks John. Appreciate the link and the suggestion. We really all want to play together which we haven't done due to one of us always DMing Pathfinder games. Might be a long shot to find a GM for Starfinder but you miss 100% of the shots you never take. "Wayne Gretzky"

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