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    FG5eXmlToPdf Project [v0.6.0]

    unstable / alpha Release:
    - Patch for null error.
    all releases:


    Usage is from the command line and it takes a path to the XML file. Output is a pdf in the format of "Character Name (#TotalLevel#).pdf"
    PDF should be editable still after being built.

    Per suggestion moved long descriptions of feats, features, and traits to 4th page with large form field on it. I've kept it as a field so it will still be editable using the free version of Acrobat if necessary.

    Know some C#/.Net and want to help out with a small project? I've created a simple proof of concept class library with a unit test which reads in a Fifth Edition FG Character XML and then writing the data to one of the official form fillable character sheets. I will keep flushing it out but with limited time I was looking to see if anyone else was interested in contributing in order get a working app faster.

    It's using iTextSharp to read in and then stamp the matching pdf fields. All of the fields in the PDF have defined names so it would be a process of matching up items from the xml to the pdf fields and logic for how to convert or handle multiple items or large text for formatting into a pdf form.

    My personal use cases for this are:
    1) be able to give players sheets for premade characters before staring games.
    2) provide sheets for when using FG as a table top.

    Current design idea is Xml -> Character model -> Pdf
    That way the model could be reused for other outputs by others in the future if they want to.
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    Nice hope this idea takes off!
    My Project : FG5EParser LINK

    Current Projects : Revamped FG5eParser v2!

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    Ability scores, bonus, saves, and save proficiency check boxes working.
    I had to edit the form pdf as some of the fields had extra spaces at the ends. May end up being easier to just edit the pdf to give real names to the check boxes associating them with a item rather then just numbers.

    Also skills now.

    added more, see attachment.
    Attached Images Attached Images
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    Nice. Props.
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    unstable / alpha Release:
    I updated the main post but I am assuming editing doesn't trigger updates to the thread so I am posting here.

    First page is getting closer to being done. Usage is from the command line and it takes a path to the XML file. Output is a pdf in the format of "Character Name (#TotalLevel#).pdf"
    PDF should be editable still after being built. So while note complete may still be useful for users to not have to copy and past every field.
    For the fields with large amounts of text I assume right now that more text is going to just keep making the font smaller until it's unreadable. At some point I will need to set a max and drop some of the info on the next page(s).

    For bugs please try and report them on githib as it will make it easier to track than this thread.
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    Quote Originally Posted by JohnD View Post
    Nice. Props.
    Runs on props:

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    Release 0.2.0

    unstable / alpha Release:
    Added placing first 3 weapons on the pdf form along with attack and damages. It works but with multiple damage types it gets cut off and is hard to read (see attachment image)
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    Finally a readable/modifiable character sheet solution for in person FG gaming! AL Online uses the AGL sheet as image instead of vectorized. The font size is like 9pt and unreadable for us old codgers. The same goes for the XSL solution built with Unity that just uses an image as background. For us cursed with the A4 paper format, we get misaligned stats all over the place.
    So a biig thumbs up and keep it up!

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    added: Equipment, proficiencies & languages, Features & Traits, Additional Features & Traits, 2nd page character name, Age, Height, Weight, and Faction.
    Current output: output.PNG

    Not sure how to handle massive amounts of text for Feats, Traits, & Features. At higher levels these would be impossible to read.

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