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    5th Edition Index

    I've been working on an index of various aspects of 5e to help my players and me find things. I'd love some extra feedback on parts to add, or anything I overlooked.

    Current included sources are
    Everything published by WotC
    Unearthed Arcana
    Planeshift (Magic the Gathering supplements)
    Everything by Matthew Mercer from Critical Role

    link: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets...it?usp=sharing

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    Nice work!

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    Added, thanks ^^

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    Nice. Given you depth of interest, I will recommend you check out the DMsGuild. There are quiet a few FG modules published there that have things like the UA, tables and other DM tools. Just search by format of Virtual Table Top.

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    I've been checking out the DMs Guild VTT section a lot already. I think I'm going to use this index as a way to keep things up to date and try to figure out a way to more or less copy paste an entire spreadsheet into FG, make it a module, then publish and periodically update the FG module. I've also got plans with a few races I made for homebrew games, and it was super easy to make one of the races in FG already.

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