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    Just curious, how easy would it be to run Pokemon Tabletop United with CoreRPG?

    Sorry if this seems like a newbish question. But I am new so it's okay I guess. I really want to play this Pokemon tabletop united fan game and I don't see any rulesets especially for it, so how easy would it be to make CoreRPG work with it, for anyone familiar with them both?

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    What are the core mechanics?
    Most games will work better with MoreCore than with CoreRPG as you have a lot more options on the character sheet, combat tracker and with dice rolling.

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    In general, you can run most any game with the assistance of FG. But, the mechanics and such may not be supported without a ruleset.

    As damned said, MoreCore (a community ruleset) has more capabilities than CoreRPG (an included ruleset).

    Whether you will be happy running using either ruleset will depend (again, as Damned said) on the game mechanics, as well as your expectations for character sheet and automation.

    For instance, with CoreRPG I can setup a character sheet that is a list of groups and traits/items into two columns and put whatever values I want in there. I can even put various die rolls to these and have the value added to them. I can also just roll individually or groups of dice and then compare them to some value in my head or on the character sheet. But after that, the ruleset doesn't know what to do with it. But, you probably do

    As an example, I'm in a current game of Star Frontiers using CoreRPG. We have all our skills setup in various groups on the character sheet with a negative value and a percentile (d100) die roll attached. So if my attack chance with a laser pistol is 40%, I put a -40 in the field and when needed I roll the die. If the result (FG adds the value to the roll) is zero or less, then I hit. I then roll the appropriate damage and the GM takes the stamina off the target as appropriate.

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    the mechanics are a bit strange to explain in a single post but i'll try because i'd like to know as well
    you have trainers and pokemon who work slightly different.

    trainers have skills, for which you roll a certain number of d6 with some extra here or there.
    pokemon have these skills as well but use them less so.

    then there are the moves which use a d20 to see if you hit (d20 minus the move's ac has to be higher then the targets relevant evasion)
    then if you hit it depends on the damage base, which differs per move, what you roll for damage this can be any amount of any dice.
    that's most of the rolls there might be some others but they are rarely used as opposed to those

    then for the stats, both pokemon and trainer have the same stats as are shown in the pokemon games
    hp, att, def, spattk, spdef, speed
    hitpoints are calculated differently for pokemon than it is for trainers. but both based on the level and the hp stat
    attk and spattk factor straight into the damage roll you make
    def and spdef soak up some damage from enemies
    def, spdef and speed are all devided by 5 or 6 (not sure atm) to give you the physical evasion, special evasion and speed evasion respectivly. these make it harder to get hit

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    I'd say it's possible, more so with MoreCore. PTU uses standard dice with just some bonuses or penalties from attributes and more, so you could theoretically automate those rolls, even the damage. I'd recommend designing a character sheet (one for the trainers and another for the pokémon) in the system (I'm assuming you are the GM) and try it, then save it as a template and use as needed.
    Read the MoreCore help files and make good use of references and parameters to be able to design the rolls, other than that it's just a matter of time and effort.

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