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    Lankhmar v1.2

    I just submitted v1.2 of Lankhmar: City of Thieves and it should go live Soon™

    This is a major upgrade of all three modules in the package: Player Guide, GM Guide and Triple Cross mini-adventure!

    • Optimized the reference manual code so the file size is reduced.
    • GM's Guide now has every NPC from the PDF built in and ready* for play. No idea why I only included the Savage Tales NPCs originally, but now they're all there! *Certain NPCs in the book were intended to be customized, so they may not have all the edges, hindrances, skills and weapons. Read their text before loading them into an encounter!
    • all NPCs have been totally rebuilt for the new NPC features that v4.4+ of the Savage Worlds ruleset provides
    • The Lankhmar version of all Powers now have the Combat Modifier as part of the database entries rather than storing it in Power Points.
    • added a new "epigraph" refblock for the epigraphs on certain pages in the reference manual just to be fancy instead of replacing the graphic of an existing refblock.
    • added the header font used in the PDF
    • all data nodes have been brought up to 2017 DLC standards, such that they are. Heads up! -- this one has the potential for a negative impact on existing campaigns. Usually when dragging something onto a character, or whatever, that data is duplicated and those will still work just fine. There are a few cases, however, where rather than duplicating the data, the link to the data node is placed on the character instead, and in those few cases, those links will no longer work. If you encounter this, delete the nonworking link and copy the new one onto your character. I realize this one will be contentious for some users. I went back and forth over this decision, and it wasn't something I took lightly, but ended up deciding that possibly causing a little pain now would be better than possibly a lot of pain later, especially once I get the Lankhmar supplements produced. I hit every single data node, so this will be a one-time occurrence and the DLC should be future-proofed from here on out. I've learned a lot in the past year since originally producing the Lankhmar DLC (my first one ever) so I hope this decision is understood and I hope it causes as little inconvenience as possible.

    Regarding the Casting Modifier, that is not yet included as part of the script automation. The groundwork to do so is there right now, but that will be something for v1.3. So for the time being, Casting Modifiers will need to be manually set in the modifiers window.

    v1.3 ToDo List:
    • Automate the Casting Modifier into the roller script
    • Possibly include custom Lankhmar bennies? Pinnacle gave me the graphics, I just have to get them into the FG icon layout and decide if they look good or not.
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