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    4E Player Effect Removal Extension

    This extension is compatible with FG 3.3.2.
    4E Player Effect Removal Extension
    Version: 2.0
    Rulesets: 4E
    With help from: Trenloe
    Description: Via the use of a single effect tag REMOVE: this extension allows players to remove effects that have been applied by them to either their own PC or other creatures (friendly, neutral or hostile). If the player has applied the effect, they can remove that effect through the use of this extension.

    v2.0 Update Notes
    • This extension uses a new design to minimize conflicts with other extensions and increase its resilience against FG updates.

    Modification Specifics

    -- Remove Effect Tag --
    How to Use
    To remove an effect from yourself or another creature in the combat tracker, simply make an effect with the tag 'REMOVE: ' followed by the full name of the effect to be removed. For instance, to remove the 'Sneak Attack; DMG: 1d6' effect, you would make an effect called 'REMOVE: Sneak Attack; DMG: 1d6'. Then you just apply the removal effect to the target. A special button represents the removal effect and will appear once you have typed REMOVE. The effect is case sensitive so make sure the REMOVE: entry matches the effect application entry exactly - the best way to do this is to copy the effect line and paste into the REMOVE: entry.

    NOTE: The creature with the effect must be targeted to remove it. If you are using effects with a target of "SELF" then the removal effect must also be set to "SELF".

    How Does It Work
    The removal tag searches the target for an effect with the name indicated after the 'REMOVE:' and removes it.

    The following screenshots show examples of how this is setup in the charsheet Actions tab and how the chat display shows the removal of the effect.

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    I never claimed to be sane. Besides, it's more fun this way.

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    I'll thank you in this thread too! Also a thanks on behalf of all my players for this!

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    No problem. I know very little about the differences in the 4E ruleset, but the effect code is pretty much universal (which means some neat things can be added). Let me know if you need anything minor.
    I never claimed to be sane. Besides, it's more fun this way.

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