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    Apply Modifier to Table Roll based on Roll

    Don't know if this is possible. Might not be without coding... And I don't really want to go there.

    Background: I'm trying to create the CRGE GM emulator inside of my game. Basically, this is a way to do solo play by asking a GM emulator called the Loom of Fate (basically just a table you roll a d100 on) questions. The table returns yes and no results to those questions (with some variations).

    What I Need:
    In CRGE, there's a Surge Count modifier. This is an increasing counter that pushes answers towards the unexpected in the Loom of Fate.
    Anyway, standard yes and no answers increase a Surge Count modifier by 2. This modifier then gets applied to future Loom of Fate rolls to push the results up or down on the table toward more unexpected results.
    - A roll of 50 or higher needs to add the surge count to the result.
    - A roll of 50 or lower needs to subtract the surge count from the result.

    It doesn't look like it's possible in FG given what I've seen of the Table features in FG so far. Are there workarounds that could approach this? Maybe even if there's a way to manually use the Modifier Stack somehow to do this manually? Somehow interrupt the table result, apply the modifier, and then returns the final table result?

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    The tables functionality doesn't currently have a mechanism to modify rolls to chained tables.

    Also, based on the surge count mechanic, I don't think it would be as straightforward as a fixed modifier. It would require some sort of variable assignment within tables.

    It's definitely a coding project at this point.


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    Thanks for the prompt reply.

    I think I have found a way to do it manually. I can split the table into two (1-50 on one table and 51-100 on another) and then roll another dice to see which table to roll on then add the modifier on 51-100 table roll or subtract it from the 1-50 table roll.

    Is there a way to manually flip the sign on the modifier stack. So if I have +4 in there, can I easily change it to -4 with a single key press or something? I guess I can clear it and retype the negative value, but that's a click to clear the stack and two key presses to type - and 4.

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    No way to flip the modifier on the stack. You can use the mouse wheel instead of typing.


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