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    D&d 5e Monday 7PM PST - Need 1 or 2 more players

    (Now filled - thanks for your interest)

    Have 3 solid players - but for whatever reason I can't lock down a fourth person to join us on Monday nights. Quick info.

    The players are level 2


    It is in the Volo's world.

    If you are interested let me know here, or by private message. We use discord for 99% of our communication needs.
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    I'm totally interested and have another person that can play too. Both of us are PST and Monday's are perfect. I'll pm you.

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    I'm interested too if you can take a 5th. I'm experienced and can roll a char really quick.

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    I just purchased the ultimate edition, but I haven't played since Ad&d in the early 90's. I've been listening to 5e podcast so I know a little bit about game play. But, if you want to take on a 35yr old noob, I'm free Monday nights. I'm from California and my name is Dave.

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