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    3.3.2 5E NPC Spellcaster spell save DC problem

    I've trying out some of the new features of 3.3.2 particularly in regards to 5E NPC Spellcasters and ran into a problem with the new method for calculating the spell save DC for NPC spells. When creating a new spellcaster, the spell save DC's are no longer added to the spell text automatically. I realize that's one of the new features, but its also causing a problem. When the new npc spellcaster is placed in the combat tracker, and the spells are parsed the spell save DC no longer appears: Burning hands - 1st level [SAVEVS: dexterity (H) (magic)] [DMG: 3d6 fire]. I believe what should be showing is: Burning hands - 1st level [SAVEVS: dexterity 12 (H) (magic)] [DMG: 3d6 fire]. I note that the spell attack bonus is being calculated and added correctly for the same npc: Fire bolt - cantrip [R] [ATK: +4] [DMG: 1d10 fire].
    When I test out the spell save from the combat tracker by dragging the [SAVEVS: dexterity (H) (magic)] to an opponent, the result in the chat looks like this: Save [18] -> [for Fighter] [vs Apprentice Wizard]. When I open the npc sheet from the combat tracker and click and drag the highlighted text for the saving throw "must make a Dexterity saving throw" onto the same target, the result looks normal: Save [19][vs. DC 12] -> [for Fighter] [SUCCESS].

    I tried the above with both a hand crafted npc spellcaster as well as the Apprentice Wizard from Volo's guide. The base Apprentice Wizard, which already had the appropriate DC's inserted into the spell text did not have the issue. I created a local copy of the Apprentice Wizard, deleted all the spells from the NPC sheet, and then added the modified version to the combat tracker. The spell save DC's were all missing, yet the spell attack bonuses were all calculated correctly.

    Having to manually add the spell save DC's back to all the spells seems to be a major step backwards. Trying run NPC Spellcasters from their NPC sheet, constantly scrolling to try and find the right spell is also a big inconvenience.

    All this was tested without using any extensions, and I have an Ultimate License for fantasy Grounds.

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    Thanks for reporting. I'm planning to put out a quick hot fix for a few reversion items in the next day or so. I've earmarked this one for that hot fix.


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