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    Item Identification in Item Templates

    I'm enjoying the simplistic design of the item templates, it makes them much easier to use.

    I noticed that prior to v3.3.2, the Unidentified Item name and description were present on the template, but didn't get applied anyway when used in the forge.

    Is this something I can ever look forward to returning in a working capacity on the new templates?

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    Item templates are not records that the players can see unless explicitly shared. How are you using the unidentified name/notes in the templates?


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    I make templates for say, something like a Firebrand, so that I can throw the template on any sort of sword with the Unidentified name "Red bladed weapon" and note "This blade is red and hot to the touch" or something to that effect anyway. A way to have the magical properties of a wide variety of weapons and armor without clogging up my Items list.
    Also works wonders for homebrewing new items without having to make all of the countless varieties.

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    From what I can tell from reviewing the 5E Forge code just now, this is working exactly like it did before the update. The unidentified fields for were never copied from the templates. If you'd like to request additional capabilities, you can make a request at the wish list below.


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