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    Pathfinder Encumbrance

    While I like the recent update as it does the strength math for us, we now need a way to adjust carrying capacity without adjusting strength. There are items like "Mule Back Cords" and Spells like ant haul that adjust these parameters so we don't get penalties in combat. The current update does not allow me to make any adjustments.

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    This should be moved to Pathfinder subforum?

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    I don't feel as though that's a good place for it. I have only tried this on Pathfinder because that's what I play. But the issue could easily be a problem across multiple rulesets as it has to do directly with the update not the rules in pathfinder.
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    Given that the encumbrance is purely a numerical indicator on the PC sheet and does not have any impact on the way that the ruleset, it won't have any impact on your current game either way. The encumbrance rules are not enforced or applied by the FG ruleset.


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