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    DD Basic Rules - player

    I have purchased the PHB Deluxe. and DM Guide. When I try to create a Cleric Life Domain, and I try to look at the feats I get the message that DD Basic Rules - Player module is not loaded/installed
    I did not notice the problem before yesterday. What am i supposed to purchase for that module and should it not already be in the core character set?

    Thank you for your help

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    Have you opened the PHB in your modules window?

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    Yes. It shows as loaded the PHB and the DD Basic Rules -DM show up but not the player, I can bring up the features if I go into the PHB but they will not show up from the Character sheet links. I have tried disabling extensions, no difference.

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    That sounds like the original links were added to the character sheet from a DD Basic Rules module.

    Try closing all DD Basic Rules module and creating a new character using only class etc. links from the PHB Deluxe.

    Otherwise, just open up the module the links are originally from - DD Basic Rules - Player, for example.
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    And for future reference, if you have the PHB open, you won't want to have the Basic Rules open.

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