*possibly joined by my eldest

FG License: Free (would/could upgrade to standard)
Time Zone: EST
Day(s) of week, frequency, and time: Weekends Fri-Sun, Prefer every other week, Evenings running no later than midnight (well, sometimes later if something has to die!)
Term: Open but prefer long term (Likely would need to take a Summer hiatus though.)
Voice: Whatever is used, use to Discord/TS

Game System Preferred: 5E (like the idea of WFRP but not sure anyone is using it much on FG)
Game System Experience: Been playing on and off since the early 80's, swore I was done buying D&D products after 3.5, avoided 4th and now hook, line and sinker into 5th. (I even got sucked into watching Critical Role!)
Fantasy Grounds Experience: Year and a half +, not strong on the coding but generally know my way around. Haven't played since May, so would need some refreshing.

Character Type Preferred: More worried about a fun character with an interesting background than a 'type/class'. 50/50 RP vs hack and slash...60/40 maybe?

About me: Mid 40's, wife/three kids, little time and less money. Prefer to play at a real tabletop (and do with the fam) but FGs allows me to scratch that itch and has been pretty fun. Speaking of fun, I like a good laugh/joke whether in game or out but not utter chaos ie: other players having their characters doing totally random crap that makes no sense. Also, I was in a group that streamed on Twitch and allowed viewers to 'buy' encounters, heals, etc. That completely breaks the game for me. I have no issue with the streaming but involving the audience doesn't work for me. Killjoy, I know. (I think there are ways to involve ppl watching but it's a fine line.)

I'm actually busier now than in the summer but I think I'd like to get back to FG and try to find a group where everyone clicks (for the most part, nothings perfect). A group that can talk things out and be honest with each other would be ideal. Just because you play a Rogue doesn't mean you have to go rogue every game! (<--- I like play on words and puns...I ruined it didn't I...)