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    PSA: Turn off extensions if you are having problems with the upgrade to 3.3.2

    Hey, all. I know the mods are doing an awesome job answering questions related to the recent upgrade. I just thought reinforcing this issue from a forum member might help. This upgrade has many new, cool enhancements. Really good stuff. However, several of the extensions now are either no longer needed or will not work as the mods are saying. I backed up my entire campaign file to dropbox and then have been going into each campaign and removing all extensions. I'm then turning them on one by one to see what seems to work and which ones I still need.

    As has been reported, the effect targeting extension does not appear to be compatible (as but one example) and some extensions (such as the concentration extension) are no longer needed. If you are getting script errors when you launch your campaign or really any errors during your session, make sure you have removed all extensions first and then re-launch and check again.

    I know we are all excited with the new update, but if you start by removing extensions, it should be really helpful.

    Happy gaming, all!
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