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    Hello Paul. Is there a way for me to set a permanent effect for a specific skill? For example I tried something like
    Persistent; SKILL:10 Tech Use
    for a Combi-tool but it didn't work. Is this possible or not? Thanks for your help in advance.

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    I think you set the duration to day 0 on the end of the effect line

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    Persistent; SKILL:10 tech use

    the skill name must be in lower case. Target "self" and duration to "0".

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    Quote Originally Posted by Paul Pratt View Post
    Persistent; SKILL:10 tech use

    the skill name must be in lower case. Target "self" and duration to "0".
    That works! Thanks!

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    Is there anyway to force checks on multiple tokens or give the players the ability to do it to other characters and tokens. Like for Pinning Checks
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    No, currently there isn't a way to force the checks.

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    Hi Paul,

    is it possible, or rather, what do I need to do to add custom dice?

    D10, yes is for all the default game, but sometimes, I feel like other variability is good for players (custom tables etc)

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    The regular dice are still available in the ruleset, just accessible via the /die command. If you want them back as draggable objects, the gameelements.xml must be edited to add and re-arrange them properly on the desktop. Tables don't need those on the screen, as the dice is automatically picked based on the amout of rows you have and range of roll for each row.
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    thats great, I'll try to edit the gamelements.xml, players tend to like rolling stuff, gives them something to do sometimes during narration

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    Sorry for the repeat questions, but I'm trying to get my game off the ground, do I need to manually input all the effects, as I'm not seeing them anywhere (I get that the rest of the libraries, armour/weapons etc need to be manual because of licensing), I didn't think effects were proprietary?

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