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    I know there is a way. I can't remember how. As I look at it, I can -- and should, just add a die type field to the power's set up box. I will do that later this evening and post a new .pak. Much easier than some hidden mod key, especially if I can't even remember it!

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    New .pak uploaded. Added d5 option for Psychic Damage and heal rolls across both psy systems.

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    Something on reports, that drives me crazy and I have tried to format around for a good long while, is the offset that occurs depending on the length of the die results and the name of the actor.

    There isn't much I can do to make a consistent report for various name lengths and die roll potentials. I did notice this today however, if you space all the way to the end of the name line on the Character sheet, the name length will retain the spaces for reports. With a name as long as that line, the report is consistent. It looks the way I want it to look. Down side... the report starts "PC Name:" If you space across you have a random ":" sitting at/near the end of the first line of the report. If I can find the area this ":" resides I can modify that and at least have a visually pleasing report.

    If anyone knows where this resides, please give me a heads up.

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    It is perfect, thanks for the light-speed help.
    The past is a rudder to guide us, not an anchor to hold us back.

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    very sorry if im missing something but just got base fanasty grounds to try putting a one shot together for our dnd group. is there a place to download the items for only war part or do i have to enter all of them manually. not sure if i did something wrong while installing this

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    This is community ruleset and as such the copyrighted content is not inside. Just the framework of the rules. You will have to manually create all necessary libraries.
    The past is a rudder to guide us, not an anchor to hold us back.

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    ok thank you just wanted to make sure before i started adding the stuff. might have to ask about some of the stuff while entering this stuff in if that is ok

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    Thanks for the awesome ruleset! so I'm pretty new to fg in general and you've probably already answered this and I'm just not seeing it. So from my story i want to be able to drop a link that will open up options (in this case food) depending on the characters selection they will need to make a toughness check at varying degrees of difficulty. Is there a way that i can drop a clickable link in there that will roll for them against their toughness?

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    Have you done something similar in a different ruleset? In D&D you could set up a saving throw roll. There isn't something like that in Dark Heresy, meaning the abilities rolls aren't set up as saves.

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    I'm probably describing it wrong. So specifically in "Lure of the expanse" on page 17 I think is a table of served food for the even "a formal occasion" that's where I'm trying to do this. So it's just degrees of success or failure against a toughness check. I'm just trying to make a quick link to toughness check in the story sheet. Ultimately unnecessary, but was hoping to find a way to just have a click able link that would report to chat without the players needing to open their sheets.

    Thanks for the speedy reply!

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