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    COVERL, is cover lower, that is legs only now. There was much discussion years ago and since there was no hard and fast rule in the books, I changed COVERL to just legs per the discussion. Sorry about missing that in the documentation. You are correct, cover is only reduced if the adjusted damage exceeds the cover value. Honestly I had forgotten about that. It was a work around in the very early days of the original rules set. I will revisit that and see if I can move that in the sequence and get it to work.


    I like the idea of a check box. I am wondering if I can just use the name of the weapon from the list and have them appear comma separated on an attack line. I will work on this.

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    I have a new .pak ready to post.

    The fixes are a few bugs recently found.
    1. Weapon drops will add the PEN to the combat line in either ID's or No ID'd mode.
    2. Cover recalculated to reflect the rules.

    A new Cover type added:
    COVERM. This provides cover for body and both legs only.

    A note on the cover calculation:
    As written the rules state to work out the damage to the cover with any excess damage applied to the target as normal. The rules for penetration state that PEN effects cover. So, PEN will apply to cover, then that adjusted damage is passed to the target and worked out against their DR. PEN is only applied once, and against the cover. Just a heads up to GM's, cover versus higher PEN weapons will be slightly better than how the ruleset handled it previously. Previously cover plus armor were added together and PEN applied to it. Run thru some calculations you will see what I mean when cover 4 and PEN 4 are used with this two methods.

    Cover will be reduced by 1 if the initial damage exceeds the cover value.
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    Where was it posted? Doesnt appear to be in first post currently

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    Sorry about that spite, I pulled it down because I cleaned up the reports a bit too. I wanted to show the Cover value in the report for the final damage line. Should be pretty clear how the damage was derived. Effects with RESIST, DR, DMG, and those that effect PEN, ARMOR or damage don't report in the final line, but then we GM's have secrets here and there!

    It's up now.

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    Thank you for the great support for this ruleset!
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    where can i download the newest version?
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    Quote Originally Posted by tlavalle View Post
    where can i download the newest version?
    The first post is where the files are updated.
    The past is a rudder to guide us, not an anchor to hold us back.

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    Extremely happy that you made this! Thank you.

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    For DH2: Is there a way to set the damage die of a psychic power to be 1d5 rather than 1d10?
    One of the players is using Impel, which is minor power and does 1d5 of damage
    The past is a rudder to guide us, not an anchor to hold us back.

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