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    There is a link to a few youtube videos in the first post of this thread. They cover how to use the character sheet and will help you learn the ruleset. It is a bit complicated and with a few quirks since it incorporates 6 rulesets into one.

    Regarding the talents, they are not pre-filled. Most things are not prefilled, there are no data books for the ruleset since that would be a copy right violation. Things need to be input manually.
    Unfortunately this video does not at all show how to make a new character, only how to edit existing ones (it pulls up existing sheets). My entire group is also having issues even seeing a create character option, from either the Player or GM perspective. Even if it is a bit of a simple question, would you mind clarifying how to do this for Rogue Trader? Thanks in advance for your time!
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    Are you using the 40k Multiruleset? The PNG linked is not the graphics that come with the ruleset. If you are using the old Rogue Trader, that is a dead ruleset and will probably not run in FGU/FGC.

    For the 40k Multiruleset:
    When creating a character, it is the standard procedure as in most rulesets, use the sidebar menu button "Characters". That will open the Character Selection Window. Right click in the empty field and chose "create item". This will create a new character sheet to edit. The video and manual go over selecting the game options and using the text cycler to cycle the character sheet to the correct ruleset you are using.

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