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    Updated for FG 3.3.7. See the first post for the .pak file.

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    I can't think of any other improvement for this ruleset...
    The past is a rudder to guide us, not an anchor to hold us back.

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    I am starting to configure psy power for DH1 and I have a question about "Overbleed" and "Overbleed#" fields.
    How do we configure them ? For example a psy power like Luck : extension of 10 meters for each 5 points upside the Threshold.
    Do we provide for "Overbleed#" the value 5 ? What for "Overbleed" ?

    Thanks in advance.

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    On the basic entry field Overbleed # to the right of Threshold is for the value the power list. So, in your example 5 is correct. In the overbleed field it is simply a check mark box. Check it if overbleed is allowed as a reminder.

    In the power set up, accessed from the green skull icon, you can set up what the overbleed does in relation to automated procedures, damage, pen etc. So, if a power had a 5 over bleed and for each 5 points over the threshold 1 pen was added, that would be set on this screen.

    During play there is a Overbleed cycler field that you can adjust based on the power roll.

    Hope that helps.

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