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    Its been about a year or so since i ran anything using this mod(its great btw). So i've forgot some things, we're playing deathwatch, is there a way to have NPC's automatically proc effects or do I have to manually activate it everytime? To be more precise I'm talking about the +20 str from wearing power armor. Also is there any easy way to include the +1 movement because of size?
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    @skrain For the Power armor there are persistent effects. Look at post one for a sample. They are entered in the gear section. For the movement, there is a + key in the movement area of the main sheet click it and override the base numbers.

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    I would like to add all the dice to avoid going through the console. found post that refers to "gameelements.xml" but searched whole drive and cannot find this file. I am very new to this and still little bit lost. Would you be able to point me in the right direction please?

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    gameelements.xml is in the ruleset. You need to find the WH40KMultisetRules.pak. Rename it to WH40KMultisetRules.zip, extract it, and in that folder the gameelements.xml exists. I striped out the die icons, you will need to check CoreRPG or another rule set that uses all the dice on the tabletop for how to name and position them.

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    One post have to be the first one….

    Hope you can help me with a couple of questions. I am relatively new to Fantasy Grounds, and our group have tried D&D 5e a few times, but we want to give Dark Heresy v1 a shot.

    1. I have built libraries for Skills and Talents, and I can see that Traits are built using the Data. Are there any automations in the Data/Traits when I drag them to a character sheet, so I have to fill in the Data Reference (fx subtype, action, benefit) in a specific way, or it doesn't matter?
    2. Is there a best practice concerning how you build you libraries? Do you have one library with all the Skills, Talents, Traits ect, or do you make one for each?
    3. And a question related to my low English level. There are four fields in the character sheet for Talents. What kind of Talents belong in the different fields?
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    1. There is no automation for Traits/Data. When you drag and drop on to the specific field types they simply will provide a shortcut to your library entry. They will fill out the title as well. So when creating data entries for corruption, dropping them onto a line in the corruption list will add the shortcut and fill in the name. Nothing more. I didn't go further since their is no copyright, if I could make and distribute the libraries then it would be worth the time to add more automation.
    2. I have one library for each Talent, Skill, Psi abilities. These have specific categories and libraries. The Data library is the catch all for Traits, Corruption, Mutation, etc. that the various rulesets have. When you use the data library, fill in the category - Home World, Traits, Mutations, etc. That way your can filter your data library easily.
    3. Since this ruleset covers 6 different games, I needed the fields for the other games. DHv1 doesn't use them. You can add whatever info you want. The entries are: Prerequisites, Category, Aptitude 1, Aptitude 2, Alignment. The later games like Only War use Category, Aptitude 1, Aptitude 2. You can leave them blank or add a "-" to them so players know they are not needed.

    Hope that helps.

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    Hey Paul.

    Thanks for the answer, that helped.
    And It seem to be a very nice ruleset you have made...
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    First off, great work on this ruleset.

    I have a question though: Is there a way to automate the aptitude check? I can see that the skills have aptitude requirements, but I can't seem to find where to list the character's aptitudes.

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    There isn't really much I could do for automating Aptitudes. Aptitudes are used for both skills and talents, and are determined during character generation. Without being able to create the libraries and control the format, I wouldn't be able to check a specific field to match another without a lot of guess work and potential errors. Secondly, a player could still add the skill/talent at a higher cost to their sheet. That would entail an experience system for more automation and limit house rules.

    The place to record what aptitudes a PC has - "Skill Notes" on the skill tab, "Other Abilities" on the Talent tab, or even the Notes tab.

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    I thought as much, but wanted to make sure I wasn't missing something

    Again, thanks for this ruleset, it'll make gaming easier for my group.

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