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    3.3.2 allowed library modules

    While playing 5e & Savage Worlds today, I noticed that even though the GM didn't own several books that I owned, I was able to open them and use them, drop items/feats/etc. This was not the behavior before 3.3.2 and I couldn't find this change in the notes. My only concern is that if I'm GMing and don't have the book the player has, they can add stuff to their sheet that I might not want in my home game. I haven't tried PF, but 5e/Savage Worlds have this behavior, so it might be a CoreRPG+ thing.

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    I also don't see it in the patch notes. But I think it was discussed recently (last few months) as such capability being changed or enhanced. Don't think this is intended behavior.

    I assume you have reproduced in a new campaign with no extensions? (though I don't think either of those should matter, always a good practice)

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    That's correct. A player can now access any modules which have not been blocked by the GM. Any GM specific modules are blocked by default.

    The GM has control over whether modules only owned by players can be used in their campaign, as those modules will have an entry in the Library->Modules window where the GM can block activation.


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    When are the modules added to the Module Activation window, when each player joins?
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    I was looking this up to be sure, and realized it's not working as expected. It should be added to GM window when the player connects. I'm going to put out a hot fix in the next day or so. Just going to wait a short bit in case anything else pops up.


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    Thanks Moon!

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