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    AiME Sunday GMT Game - One or two players needed.

    Adventures in Middle-earth on-going game (characters now level 4) needs one or two additions: a Slayer and a Scholar (Healer path) would be ideal. Any race. A perfectly functional extension is available here:
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    I've been playing in Stuart's game for the past 3 months or so, and so far this has been one of the more engaging, immersive and fun campaigns I've been in.
    This is the Adventures in Middle Earth extention for D&D 5th Edition, which combines the world of LOTR with the gaming system many know and love.

    Stuart is very knowledgeable and breathes lifs into places, people etc.
    Every session ends up being epic, the kind of adventure you want to tell your friends about afterwards.
    The group is varied in ages, roleplaying approach and characters, but we make a great team and have a lot of fun together.

    A "tank" character and a "healer" (but doesn't have to be a healbot) are the two roles we're currently missing.

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    I would be interested in playing a slayer, depending on time and game frequency. Unfortunately, I do shift work, and have to work alternate weekends. My current schedule has me working 1730 to 0330 EST

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    I am interested.

    However I am new to RPG and only played D&D till level 4 Barbarian.
    I do really like to RP and enjoy tactical battles.

    I stay in South Africa Cape Town in the time zone GMT+2.
    Aged 36 and available for gaming pretty much any day with prior notice/schedule.

    I do enjoy healing PC's and would not mind to be a team player or play any character needed for the greater good of the party.

    kindly contact me and let's see if the "glove fits" so to speak.

    PS. Would however prefer the "tank" spot if I can pick between the two available.

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    Looks great - what time do you play? Also GMT. I am new to FG but not to 5th ed. Also, I don't know much middle-earth lore, is this a problem?

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    To answer you guys, we play at least 3 weeks out of 4 at 8.30pm British Time.
    Here's the calendar entry for you

    It's okay not to know the world of LOTR very well, you can pick it up easily.
    There are some extra rules for this setting which mesh with regular 5e rules, but we'll help anyone who needs it so don't let lack of knowledge daunt you.

    I've put together two "ideal" "plug and play" placeholder characters (a slayer/warrior agressive tank and a treasure hunter/scholar healer and scout) which you can easily adopt/adapt, so anyone could potentially join us as early as this coming Sunday for our adventures if they're interested.

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    Hi Artaron,

    Cool I am ready to jump in. I will take one of your "ideal" "plug and play" placeholder characters.

    Looking forward to meeting the team.

    Already signed up on the calender.


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    By the way we just the party is now level 5

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