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Hi y'all, I'm having some problems with my rule books not downloading in FG Classic. I've read through this thread and tried all the suggestions and troubleshooting thus far to no avail. I'm new to playing as a GM in Fantasy Grounds (I've been a player for several years in both classic and now over in Unity) and am struggling. I am not the most tech literate either, but I can follow instructions well.

- I made all my purchases through Steam, specifically the Savage Worlds Deluxe Ruleset and Adventure Deck
- Some of this has loaded, and some of it hasn't. I have the ability to start a SWADE campaign and I have the Adventure deck, but most crucially I am missing the SWADE Player Guide and SWADE GM Guide. They appear as 'not installed' when I click on SWADE Rules in the Campaign Setup. They do not appear in the Modules section of Campaign Setup or in my Library as a module I can load.\
The Savage Worlds Deluxe Ruleset is not Savage Worlds Adventure Edition (SWADE) it is the previous version of Savage Worlds, and so you don't get the SWADE DLC (GM and Player's Guide). You get the GM and Player Guides for Savage Worlds Deluxe. You get the ability to start a SWADE campaign, but you don't get the DLC - for that you'll need to purchase the Savage Worlds Adventure Edition (SWADE) ruleset.