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    Need help with sizing maps

    I'm running into issues with map manipulation. For any maps that I import, it's very difficult for me to zoom the map out and have a nice large full complete map for the players to see.

    When I make the map larger, then FG automatically starts to zoom in, which immediately cuts off large portions of the map. Am I don't something wrong?

    I know there's an option to select "Small Sized Map" which shows the full map how I want, but of course it's very small and not really useable.

    Can someone help me here? Thanks.

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    I'm not absolutely clear on what the problem is. You can resize the map by dragging the bottom right toggle. Obviously you can only fit as much of a map as fits your screen. Maybe if you could post a screenshot it might help. Also how big are the maps- resolution wise I mean.

    And welcome to FG.
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