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    Bug on Character sheet

    Script Error: [string "charsheet/scripts/charsheet_localportrait.l..."]:7: bad argument #1 to 'setFile' (string expected, got nil)

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    It would probably help the developer track down the error if you gave them some indication of what you were doing when you got this error. That is a step by step instruction of how to replicate the error.
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    I was only making a character in the manage character mode. When I opened the character sheet this error pops up.

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    Hi watters,

    There are a few limitations with the Manage Characters mode like the one you encountered. So I usually recommend starting a new campaign and creating your characters in there.


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    If I may add to this thread, once the error is experienced in Manage Characters the user can actually select a character portrait and drag it into the grey circle at the upper right of the character sheet. Then close out of FG back to the main menu. Then go back into Manage Character and it will have the selected portrait and the error does not return. Or, if this does not work, try opening the newly started character sheet in a Campaign and then have the DM drag a new portrait. Then the player can reopen Manage Character and the error is gone. It appears the Manage Character mode lacks full access to Portraits when it first attempts to open a new character file.

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