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    Fantasy Grounds College is holding a contest through the month of April. Check out Youtubalooza! We are trying to grow our Youtube page for FGC, and are looking to reach 1000 subscribers. You can read my article about the contest at:
    Be sure to read the requirements. In order to participate in the contest, you must be registered on our website:
    You must also be a member of FGC's discord.
    And you must have an account here on the Official Fantasy Grounds website:
    There are several ways to get entries. View the contest page above for the various ways you can enter. The prize is a Fantasy Grounds Ultimate License to be given away on May 1st.

    Lady Shel

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    Fantasy Grounds College is holding a contest through this coming Saturday, May 25, 2019 at 11:59 pm PT (-7 UTC). We are giving away a copy of "Ghosts of Salt Marsh" to one lucky person. We have a few qualifications to enter. You'll need to be a registered member of the FGC website, and a member of the FGC Discord, as well as have an account here on the Fantasy Grounds official site. You'll need a valid email address, and lastly, an active subscription or license of Fantasy Grounds. If you meet all those qualifications, you can get entries by following some of our FGC sites, or visiting the pages in the case of Youtube and FB. Check out the contest page for more information.

    And if social media isn't your thing, you can also win a copy of "Ghosts of Salt Marsh" at the All Things Fantasy Grounds Twitch Stream, which will air on Sunday, May 26, 2019 at 6:00 pm (-7 UTC). URL for the Twitch page is

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    Fantasy Grounds College will be celebrating its second anniversary this July. The weekend of July 26, 27 and 28 will serve as our Founder's Day Weekend, and to celebrate, we plan on having people running games, and maybe have some guest speakers. Contests will be included in our Finale of the weekend, which is our "All Things Fantasy Grounds" show, which airs on at 6:00 pm PT (UTC -7).

    My purpose for this post is to invite DMs to run games at our Founder's Day Weekend. I have an article that tells you step by step how to post. I also have a template that you can use for your game. You can just edit the form in any area, except for the parts highlighted in yellow. The Information to post your event can be found at: Adding and Managing Events. We'd like people from all over posting games for people to sign up for, and you can post any ruleset, as long as it's played on Fantasy Grounds. If you need any additional information, feel free to PM me on the FGC Discord. My user name is Lady Shel.

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    Fantasy Grounds College has just started a contest, giving away a $100.00 gift certificate to the Fantasy Grounds Store. How can you win? I'm glad you asked. I previously mentioned about our Founder's Day Weekend celebration where we will celebrate our second anniversary. There will be games for people to play in, and we are looking at having some guest speakers as well. The contest is called "Second Annual Founder's Day Weekend Event Contest." That's a mouthful, for sure. We are looking for Gamesmasters that use Fantasy Grounds to run their games (and I'm guessing that should cover everyone here, right?) to post games to run during our Founder's Day Weekend. There are some requirements, which you can find in the article. All rulesets welcome. The days to post are July 26, 27 and 28. One entry per person, even if you post more than one game. Your game must have players sign up to play. I will draw from the entries on Sunday, July 28 at 4:00 pm PT, and we will announce the winner on our "All Things Fantasy Grounds Show" on July 28th at 6:00 pm PT. on the twitch channel You can find the contest information in the "Second Annual Founder's Day Weekend Event Contest" article. Hope to see you there!

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