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    LFG 40k Dark Heresy/Rogue Trader/Deathwatch


    I'm looking for a game, or group, for Dark Heresy/Rogue Trader/Deathwatch

    I had a browse around but couldnt see any adverts


    I'm on UTC+8, but am flexible and usually free, hopefully we could sort something out
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    still on the lookout for anything 40kish, otherwise i'll have to do it myself *rolls up sleeves*

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    I would like to join if you decide to start it.

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    alright, no bites

    so can anyone point me in the right direction for making this .pak work, I mean, I'll try to be clearer, the theme and the board loads in, but the skills, talents, items, you know the things that are needed, are all blank, am I missing something/doing it wrong? or does this all have to be manually entered?

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