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    Interest check FG SFS at Cosmic Crittercon (April 26-28)

    Is there interest in a SFS FG game at Cosmic Crittercon?

    We would still use Fantasy Grounds and Discord, however signup would be exclusively over warhorn for this particular event.

    As there was scepticism whether a FG game would be able to fill a table, I would only schedule a game if I'm reasonably sure we'll have a legal table (i.e. if around five players show interest).

    The most likely scenarios would be

    #1-24 Siege of Enlightenment tier 1-4
    #1-37 Siege of Civility tier 5-8 (builds on 1-24)
    #1-28 It Rests Beneath tier 1-4
    #1-19 To Conquer the Dragon tier 5-8 (builds on #1-13)
    #1-30 Survivor's Salvation tier 1-4 (later if spoilers for #1-99 included)
    #1-27 King Xeros of Star Azlant tier 5-8

    Earlier ones if there is enough interest, so feel free to mention them below.

    Possible time slots would be FR evening GMT (start around 6 PM GMT), SAT evening GMT (start around 6 PM GMT) and SUN afternoon through evening GMT (start around 1 PM GMT, 6 PM GMT).

    Please state below which scenario and which time slot would enable you to attend, so I'll be able to get a picture on whether a legal table seems likely.

    If things go really well, I might also be able to participate in the special

    #1-99 The Scoured Stars Invasion tier 1-8

    Saturday, Apr 27 6 PM GMT (if I calculate the timezones correctly), duration: 6 hours

    Note that it is still unclear whether the special can be run for a single table after the exclusivity period ends in June, so there might not be too many chances to run this special on FG.

    Therefore please also state if you would be interested in participating in the special at the time mentioned above. Note that this scenario has several subtiers: 1-2, 3-4, 5-6, 7-8, so also state in which tiers you could participate in. For obvious reasons we would need everyone playing on FG to be in the same subtier (so the easiest subtier would be 1-2).

    At this point in time, it is still unclear whether signup for the special is still possible, so don't get your hopes up too much yet.

    No problem if there is not enough interest (in which case there will simply be a regular game presumably at SUN 1 PM GMT but I at least wanted to check whether there is any interest.

    Please respond within 2 days so I can make the necessary preparations if necessary.

    Edit: Unfortunately, it does not look at the moment that the special is likely due to a Catch 22: I could participate if I have a legal copy of the scenario but without con support I can only get a legal copy in June.
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    I'd be able to play 1-24.
    For the others, I'd have to check if I have a replay available.

    I can both make the Friday timeslot and the Saturday timeslot, but would definitely prefer if the game doesn't run too long (have to work early on Saturday and am signed up for another game at 12 am GMT the night from Saturday to Sunday)

    Regarding earlier scenarios, I can play 1-23 and, of course, any repeatables.

    Regarding the special, it is very unlikely the table requirement will be removed, especially since that requirement is written in the pdf. Being run at multiple tables at once is an important part of the special. (In PFS, the specials' multi-table requirements also have never been removed.)
    As I have already played the special, I'd be available to run a table, though. If we find a third GM, and maybe also an overseer (although it might be possible to ask the Online VOs if they can provide someone to be the overseer), we could at least offer to run the special in June (the scenario has a minimum requirement of 3 tables). Question would be if there are enough players to fill 3 tables (that would be at least 9, for 3 tables each with 3 players and a pregen). (btw, in the case of 3 tables, absolute maximum number of players would be 21, but that might be a bit unlikely anyway.)
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    Alright, thanks.

    #1-24 is quite a lot of combat, so we might need four or five hours, depending on how combat goes.

    Regarding the special: Yeah, we'll see. Personally, I think it would be a weird design decision, as it prevents tables from playing through the whole storyline without cons or at least some major coordinated effort. I'm fine with specials having multiple table requirements and exclusives crucial to the storyline being only run at cons during the exclusivity period.

    However, having nine scenarios dealing with the before and after and countless others referencing it (so it being integral to the storyline) and then making it a three-table-minimum after the exclusivity period seems at odds with a "you can play SFS however you want to (as long as you follow the SFS guidelines), even at private tables" philosophy.

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    Well, in PFS, many important events and storyline conclusions are resolved in multi-table specials, and some of them even require 5 tables. But yes, for those who don't have access to a lot of big conventions, it gets very difficult to experience those scenarios.
    I think, with a bit of preparation time, it should be possible to run a 3-table-event. 3 tables are not that many, after all.
    "The trouble with quotes on the internet is that it's difficult to discern whether or not they are genuine."
    - Abraham Lincoln

    83 % of made-up statistics use the number "83 %".

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    I would be interested and could run any of those scenarios. In terms of time slots I can make Sun at 1 pm GMT and should also be able to do Sat at 6 pm if it didn't go much past 4.5 hours. The Fri and Sun at 6 pm wouldn't work for me.

    For the three table requirement I wonder if it would be worth reaching out to the Roll20 SFS group to see if they can coordinate with us and put together a table or two on their end. No reason all the tables have to be run using the same VTT, right? Obviously would still have to wait until June but better than nothing.

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    Alright, thanks.

    Special: Well, I guess we'll see in June.

    As mentioned, #1-24 might run longer than 4 hours, depending on how combat goes.

    I'm inclined to run a game simply to show that there is interest for FG games but it will depend on how many other players are interested.

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    Going by the responses so far (2) I would conclude that there is not enough interest and simply run a regular game instead.

    We usually should be able to fill a legal table but I'm not sure whether no response means "no interest in a con game", "timeslots don't work", "too busy to respond for now", "not sure" or "I'll join if there is one".

    No harm either way, the only outcome I want to avoid is scheduling a game at the con and then not having a legal table for it.

    I'll still wait 24 hours, after that I would make a final decision however.

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    I can not make the Friday Timeslot. The Saturday and Sunday Timeslots are fine for me. My Subtier would be 3-4 (1-2 if I make a new Character). I have not played any of the Scenarios. So I am up for anything.

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    I could join Friday evening and Saturday Evening (Level 1 -- total Starfinder newbie).

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    Alright, looks like a single game (#1-24 Siege of Enlightenment tier 1-4) at SAT 27th of April 6 PM then (start date could also be half an hour earlier).

    Any preferences on running it as part of the con or just as a regular game?

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