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    LFP - Sandbox, West March Style Campaign, original setting, d20 variant.

    I posted about this previously in an 'in the future' context and am letting that thread disappear into the archives. This is more more serious, I could start running this within a month if I get the players, recruiting mode, and have finished the 'Intro document' I'd said I was working on in that last post, which was the most difficult part of getting this started. But to cut this intro explanation short, I'll just give the pitch and let it do it's explaining in something resembling the suggested Format.

    FGLicense: Ultimate (play with any version)

    FG Experience: Little, but will figure out what I need to, starting with the CoreRPG foundation and working from there.

    GM Experience: I'm a gray beard. Been gaming a long time with many systems.

    Game System: Dystopian Destinies RP System (My own d20 derivative - See details below)

    Campaign Style: West March Style, after a few session intro adventure for a group of 5+)

    Play Style: I am heavy on RP, flexible on combat as a GM. I am fair in the way I present situations but can be heartless when characters do stupid things. This campaign will be sandbox, high intrigue, in a VERY dangerous setting that will not be level balanced. It will be a characters vs. the World style of game and not players vs. the monsters, and characters should be run as if they know death comes easy.

    Time: I’m in Pacific Time Zone but I’m very flexible for setting up the initial adventure and for any sessions thereafter. Any day of week too. Interested players can work it out. Will start it a week or two after a large enough group settles on a starting time.

    Session Durations: I’m good for 4 to 8 hours as GM and expect the first few sessions would be 4 to 6 hours, but it’s up to the players after that.

    Communication: Will be using Google Hangouts for the voice (could do Discord if I had to).

    Campaign Support: Will be setting up a Google Group, subreddit and wiki for the players to use for the non-session periods of the campaign and to organize sessions.

    Duration: As long as I can keep it going.

    Characters: As an original setting and d20-derivative, the classes and race mix are unique to the setting. Have lots of premades to pick from for the initial campaign. See details below and linked documents for more info.

    Campaign Details:

    Original fantasy-steampunk setting called Clashlands. Details on the setting can be found in the linked document below. It’s a low metal, mostly water world, set in the heart of the largest known landmass in a demi-realm that is a Dark Sun style prison realm, meaning there are many paths into it, and few of the races are native to the realm, but no easy ways back out. It is a harsh high magick, low fantasy steampunk dystopian romanesque setting that uses a non-vancian magic system.

    I want as many players as I can get, as the out of session web based parts of the campaign will be around a large organization the players will be responsible for and they will have a lot of choice in where exactly they want to set it up and in time could become adventures on the high seas but it will start in the equivalent of Rome: Forge City.

    Anyone interested can post in this thread (and bump it in the process) or PM me for more info. I have a group set up on Steam now that has some info related to the campaign but it will all be moved to google groups once I get to that. I’ve been spending the past month working on the first draft of the Intro Document, which explains the very basics of my rule variants and gives sources of d20 supplements that can be found that I based it on. It is 34 pages long and will be massaged for a bit longer before I move to a draft 2 that will eventually become my full core rulebook.

    I have 18 premade characters to pick from for the starting session, one of which is already called. They will be Heroic 1st Level Characters. If someone really wants to make an original character for the intro adventure, they can work with me to do it (I don’t provide enough rules to make your own characters in the intro) but their characters will NOT be Heroic characters but will be standard. In time, though, players will be able to work up to being able to have multiple characters in the greater campaign (that never adventure together) as long as each player only has 1 Heroic character.

    Now, as I been mentioning repeatedly above, here is the LINK to the current state of that intro document.

    (edit: Added Discord as a voice option)

    UPDATE: Created THIS SUBREDDIT and one can contact me there, by the same username as here.
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    sounds exciting,
    Do you have a list of the premade characters to browse prior to the first game?

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    I'll explain initial character selection.

    There are 18 pre-made heroic characters (tougher than standard), and I may add more before it starts. Everyone single one has a reason to be interested in the initial adventure and some way they can contribute to accomplishing it, be it unique skill, feat, or particularly appropriate starting equipment.

    The super-brief list, copied from the other place I have it posted is:


    Andrew Garmange - human reserve soldier with undead fighting experience.
    Gary The Goreman - Half-Orc Gladiator that uses underwear armor, buckler and a few weapons of specialty.
    Eldwyn Redleaf - Half Shadow-Elven warrior looking for her self-identity and friends.
    Hargoth Hammerfist - Metal Dwarven Thug out to prove himself.
    Chaser Bright-Eyes - A furling sleuth packing everything she owns and looking for good mysteries.
    Muffins Zooter - Halfling Scout with a combat capable mount, looking to explore.
    Sortama - A city elven rustler with 2 pets, one combat capable and a non-fighting mount.
    Herberta Kilyams - Human Spellbinder with a dynamic knack to energy magic and out to fulfill requirements to earn membership in the capital’s most prestigious Guild.
    Mordrana - Shadow Dwarven spellweaver with an affinity for the element of dream.
    Brettle Shaksha - Human healer and priestess of auqora (life and water dragon goddess) out to spread the blessings of her faith.
    Kark Sargeen - Human battle-priest of Stelgar that is currently making penance for excessive hubris and personal pride.
    Rataka Pratalsak - Scori Lightnig Lord elementalist that is tired of the city.
    Burg Beetalbell - Halfling Flux Maker elementalist out to vanquish undead.
    Vertidean - Female city dwarf water witch in need of funds.
    Larkin Petals - Furling Jungler out for adventure.
    Lucy Mink - Animus Acrobat and contortionist entertainer barely making ends meet depending on her performance skills on her own.
    Draco Ironclaw - Animus felinoid fleshlete with increased skeletal density and claws that do iron damage.

    Already Claimed Characters:
    Anna Reynolds - Charming human thief skilled with her hands that likes it when opportunity knocks.


    Once someone wants to commit to at least try to be a part of the initial adventure (schedule permitting for them), and to be a part in the following campaign, they can pick two characters they want a look at a more detailed description and equipment list and then decide if they want to play one of them or pick a third and be stuck with them. My reason for doing it this way is so that no one can just read the whole detailed list and learn all the ins and outs of the all the characters before starting. So far, the only other character anyone has 'peeked' at, other than Anna is Sortama and when they realized from the description that the Rustler class is technically an animal handling class similar to rangers from World of Warcraft that have a particular affinity for whips, he decided that wasn't quite what he had in mind.

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    I would be interested but I am in NZ so 19 hour time diff which would probably mean weekends only ..

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    Mordrana sounds interesting and Lucy Mink seems to be a fun rp,

    Weekends work best for me though Monday afternoons and Friday evenings are good too. I"m on Mountain standard time.

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    I am VERY flexible on time. I'd go as far as to say that once this thing is rolling, I'm good for any time, day or night, as long as I have a week's warning, which is the time window I planned to give between the request for a session and my being expected to be ready to run it. Initial group needs to coordinate for a few weeks on a time that works. I have absolutely NO preferences on when I run sessions unless I get involved in something else that has a regular schedule to it.

    That might happen, as I'm tempted to also run a weekly Fate Core game on a regular schedule and get it started ASAP, using it to help me get used to Fantasy Grounds as a GM. Have had it for years, but have never actually gotten a group together that agreed to use it. Part of why I finally dropped for the Ultimate License. No one can complain anymore about not wanting to pay for it.

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    never played fate core system before. It sounds interesting though

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    I'm also interested - I love sandbox campaigns. Vizhon, any chance of a warlock or witch hunter pregen? If not, no worries. Some of the others look cool, too.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Doctor Verbosus View Post
    I'm also interested - I love sandbox campaigns. Vizhon, any chance of a warlock or witch hunter pregen? If not, no worries. Some of the others look cool, too.
    As a premade? I could if it takes long enough to get a group together. I'd actually prefer, given someone is willing to put the time in to do it up as a prelude session with me, I'd let a non-heroic one be made custom. It's possible for characters to graduate to being heroic later (really good RP is probably the quickest way, with me) or one can always make a heroic alt or death-replacement later. My general thinking now is 5 levels in the highest level character per alternate allowed, and though they are not allowed to adventure together, they can absolutely be working together or one be working for the other, outside of adventures, in the non-session parts of the campaign.

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    Giving this a bump with an update added to the initial post. Have created this subreddit and general discussion about the campaign as well as any posts about interest can be placed there: https://www.reddit.com/r/Clashlands/

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