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    The September 19, 2017 release of Fantasy Grounds v3.3.2 makes the extension developed for this minor issue obsolete, ALMOST.

    To restate the problem: for powers (in particular spells), that deal both damage and an effect, and have the half damage on a successful save qualifier, Fantasy Grounds would incorrectly apply the effect to targeted creatures even if they made their save.

    This issue has been remedied with FG v3.3.2, if and only if the damage is applied first. When the damage is applied first, and then the effect is applied, the effect is accurately applied only to those targeted creatures that failed their save(s). But if the effect is applied before the damage is applied, Fantasy Grounds fails. It incorrectly applies the effect to all targeted creatures.

    Attached is a screenshot illustrating the issue that still remains. The setup is this: A sorcerer targeted three orcs and then cast a sunbeam spell. Both panels in the screenshot are copies of the chat window. In the left panel, the spell was cast, orcs 1 and 2 saved, orc 3 failed. Damage was applied, 1 & 2 received half damage, 3 received full. The effect was applied, and only orc 3 was blinded, which is correct Fantasy Grounds behavior. In the right panel, the spell was cast, orc 1 failed its save, orcs 2 and 3 successfully saved. The effect was applied, all three orcs went blind (this is incorrect behavior by Fantasy Grounds, only orc 1 should have been blinded), the damage was then applied, orc 1 receiving full damage, the other two receiving half.

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    Is there a spell where the condition affects the damage dealt by the spell? If not, then this is fine; just always deal damage first.
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    Indeed. Apply damage first. No use blinding something and then killing it a few seconds later.
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