Currently have the free game but willing to upgrade if I can find a campaign to play in.
My time zone is Arabia Daylight Time. +3:00 UTC.
My work schedule is from day to day not weekly i.e. 3 days on and 1-2 days off. I also switch monthly from day, eves, and mids with 8 hour shifts.
Looking for anything that I can fit into my schedule.
I currently don't have any voice chat but am willing to download the software.
Wanting to play D&D 5E.
I have about a year of total play with D&D but have only played 1 real campaign with 5E for about a month.
Have no experience with fantasy grounds.
I prefer playing a monk since that is the only class I have any real experience with but am willing to play different classes.
I like to play games that are balanced. I like to have good combat as well as good role-playing. I like to play in character but will also joke around out of character. I like for my actions to have consequences within the game. I enjoy playing with a really creative DM that likes to think outside the box. I would consider myself to be a newbie but do have some experience.